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*"[[Fear, Itself]]"
*"[[Fear, Itself]]"
*"[[All the Way]]"
*"[[All the Way]]"
*"[[Life of the Party]]"

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In my day, no self-respecting creature of the night went out on All Hallow's Eve. We left that to the posers, the blighters who had to dress up and try to be scary.
Fear, Itself Buffy 04

Buffy, craving pumpkins during Halloween

Halloween or Hallowe'en was a holiday celebrated annually on the night of the 31st of October. Originally a pagan holiday, in modern times it had come to be associated with the supernatural. However, demons and vampires traditionally avoided hunting or attacking on Halloween and "took the night off" because they believed it to be an idiotic cliché. However, Wolfram & Hart traditionally celebrated Halloween with an annual Halloween bash organized by the firm's Entertainment Division.


On Halloween night 1997, sorcerer and chaos worshiper Ethan Rayne caused havoc by enchanting those who bought costumes from his costume shop to magically transform into whatever they were dressed as. [1]

On Halloween 1999, Buffy Summers and her friends found themselves at a frat party gone awry due to the accidental summoning of Gachnar, the demon of fear. [2]


Anya dressed as a "Charlie's Angel" and Xander as a pirate at a Halloween party.

On Halloween 2001, Buffy and her friends celebrated with a party, whilst Dawn Summers went out with her friend Janice Penshaw and two young vampires: Zack and Justin. Zach and Justin belonged to a gang of "rebels" who decided to break the rules and go hunting.[3]

On Halloween 2003, Wolfram & Hart, now under the management of the Angel Investigations team, organized their annual Halloween bash, but strange events occurred because Lorne, the new head of the Entertainment Division, had his ability to sleep removed to cope with the demands of his new job; lacking the ability to sleep while still possessing the need to do so, Lorne's subconscious eventually physically manifested as a means of coping with the subconscious conflicts that Lorne would normally have processed as he slept. It went around, attacking and seemingly killing all those who had recently angered Lorne, though it vanished when Lorne's ability to sleep was returned[4].


Buffy Summers

1997: 18th Century Girl
1999: Little Red Riding Hood

Xander Harris

1997: Soldier boy
1999: James Bond
2001: Pirate

Willow Rosenberg

1997: Hot rocker chick/ghost
1999: Joan of Arc

Rupert Giles

1999: Mexican man

Anya Jenkins

1999: Bunny
2001: Charlie's Angel


1999: "God"

Cordelia Chase

1997: Cat

Larry Blaisdell

1997: Pirate

Rachel (Fear, Itself)

1999: Hula girl




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