This article is about the non-pure demons. For the the actual human/demon hybrids, see Half-demon.
All the demons that walk the earth are tainted, are human hybrids, like vampires.

Half-breeds were product of hybridization between pure demons―like the Old Ones―and mortal animals such as humans. Most of the demon species on Earth were half-breeds, and as such, subject to rejection and even persecution from pure demons and organizations like the Scourge.

Even among half-breeds, however, this kind of discrimination still took place. vampires, as demons in human bodies, where considered the lowest of half-breeds.

While some demons took vampires as enforcers and sometimes vampires took dim-witted demons as minions as well, collaboration as equals between vampires and demons rarely took place. One such case happened thanks to the intervention of Adam, who made several of the demons and vampires in Sunnydale his followers.

One of the most notable examples was Cordelia Chase, who was turned into a half-demon to keep her visions and save the people of Los Angeles.

Use as a racial slur

Half-breeds, propagating unchecked, grow in strength and number over time. Worse―they keep crossbreeding, forever diluting our precious demon blood with their weak, simpering humanity...

Half-breed was a derogatory term employed by pure demons to refer to any kind of human-demon hybrid. The term was employed indiscriminately to refer to demon species which are the product of mortal animal-demon genetic hybridization (which covers most demon species on earth), demons created by possessing a human body (such as vampires), and also individuals born from a demon (either pure or not) and a human (such as Allen Francis Doyle).