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Haddyn was a town in the 23rd century. It corresponded to where was previous known as Manhattan, in New York City.[1] Versi was the biggest warren in Haddyn, where the siblings Melaka, Harth, and Erin Fray grew up.[2] The town's quality of life was significantly improved after the Scooby Gang changed its history averting the Reckoning in the 21st century.[3]



  • Cell — arrest, used both as a noun[4] and a verb.[5]
  • Cen — century.[6]
  • Coi — currency, valued less than a sil.[2]
  • Connex — connection.[1]
  • Fig — to figure, think.[7]
  • Grab — theft, loot.[2]
  • Half-coi — cheap.[6]
  • Hap — to happen.[1]
  • Icy — difficult;[5] also used in the comparative “icier”.[4]
  • Jesu — an exclamation of astonishment or admiration.[2]
  • Law — police;[5] also used as lawman.[8]
  • Lurk — a vampire.
  • Min — minute, a brief moment.[1]
  • Poss — possible.[1]
  • Pump — an individual with artificial body strengthening, via steroid treatment, electric tissue enhancement, or genetic meddling.[2]
  • Radie — a human who suffered mutation by the Sun's radiation, either direct or genetically.[2]
  • Rocketship — awesome.[8]
  • Rutting — slang used in the manner of cursing.[5]
  • Scan — look, realize, understand.[citation needed]
  • Sil — currency, valued more than a coi; had the appearance of a silver bracelet.[2]
  • Slack — someone who lacks intelligence or common sense.[1]
  • Spin — deceive, trick.[4]
  • Spled — good.[1]
  • Toxo — a certain child's game involving catching a bottle.[2]
  • Toy — absurd, nonsense.[4]
  • Upper — the richest part of the city, located in the literal top half of its buildings.[7]


Known residents[]