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Haddyn was a town in the 23rd century. It corresponded to where was previous known as Manhattan, New York City. Versi was the biggest warren in Haddyn, where the siblings Melaka, Harth, and Erin Fray grew up. The town's quality of life was significantly improved after the Scooby Gang changed its history averting the Reckoning in the 21st century.



  • Cell — arrest, used both as a noun[1] and a verb.[2]
  • Cen — century.[3]
  • Coi — currency, valued less than a sil.[4]
  • Connex — connection.[5]
  • Fig — to figure, think.[6]
  • Grab — theft, loot.[4]
  • Half-coi — cheap.[3]
  • Hap — to happen.[5]
  • Icy — difficult;[2] also used in the comparative “icier”.[1]
  • Jesu — an exclamation of astonishment or admiration.[4]
  • Law — police;[2] also used as lawman.[7]
  • Lurk — a vampire.
  • Min — minute, a brief moment.[5]
  • Poss — possible.[5]
  • Pump — an individual with artificial body strengthening, via steroid treatment, electric tissue enhancement, or genetic meddling.[4]
  • Radie — a human who suffered mutation by the Sun's radiation, either direct or genetically.[4]
  • Rocketship — awesome.[7]
  • Rutting — slang used in the manner of cursing.[2]
  • Scan — look, realize, understand.[citation needed]
  • Sil — currency, valued more than a coi; had the appearance of a silver bracelet.[4]
  • Slack — someone who lacks intelligence or common sense.[5]
  • Spin — deceive, trick.[1]
  • Spled — good.[5]
  • Toxo — a certain child's game involving catching a bottle.[4]
  • Toy — absurd, nonsense.[1]
  • Upper — the richest part of the city, located in the literal top half of its buildings.[6]


Known residents[]