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Gwendolyn "Gwen" Post was a former Watcher in pursuit of the Glove of Myhnegon. In her search, Gwen went to Sunnydale allegedly sent by the Watchers Council to train Faith Lehane and report on the performance of Rupert Giles.[1]


Introducing herself[]

You will probably hate me a great deal of the time. But I will make you a better Slayer, and that will keep you alive. You have to trust that I'm right.
―Mrs. Post[src]

Arriving in Sunnydale shortly after Faith, Mrs. Post claimed she has been sent to the Hellmouth under orders from the Watchers Council not only to act as Faith's Watcher, but to report back on Buffy Summers and her own Watcher, Rupert Giles, claiming the Council was becoming worried he might have been losing focus on the mission.[1]


Mrs. Post bonds with Faith.

Post treated Giles with contempt and criticized him for being inefficient, having no control over his charge and his incomplete collection of books. Her caustic style badgered others into submission and stopped them from examining her background closely. On the other hand, Mrs. Post visited Faith at her room at the Sunnydale Motor Inn. Comparing Faith's living conditions to that of the Spartans, Mrs. Post told her that she would be tough on her but only to make Faith a better slayer. Mrs. Post and Faith then formed a close bond with each other, separating Faith from the rest of the Scooby Gang but providing her with the parental bond she desired.[1]

Mrs. Post also warned Giles and Buffy of the Glove of Myhnegon, a magical metal gauntlet thousands of years old that housed a dangerous power, which was being sought by a demon known as Lagos. Lagos was on his way to Sunnydale to claim the artifact, and Mrs. Post ordered Faith to stop him. However, Faith wasn't able to kill the demon. Buffy instead succeeded in slaying Lagos.[1]

The Glove of Myhnegon[]

Faith, word of advice: you're an idiot.
―Mrs. Post[src]

Gwendolyn Post then revealed her true agenda: acquiring the Glove for herself. She learned that the Glove was being kept by Angel at the Crawford Street mansion. She attacked Giles, knocking him unconscious after he discovered how to destroy the glove.[1]

Meanwhile, Faith, having been informed by Xander earlier on that Angel was back in Sunnydale and that he had the Glove in his possession, decided to slay Buffy's ex-boyfriend, believing him to have attacked Giles.[1]

Gwendolyn arrived at the mansion and told him she had been sent by Giles to make sure he destroyed the Glove properly and to supervise the living flame spell, but when Angel's back was turned, she attacked him with a shovel. Upon seeing him in vampire face, she tried to stake him. However, she was no match for the vampire.[1]

Post glove

Mrs. Post wearing the Glove of Myhnegon.

Faith walked in just on time to see Gwendolyn lying almost unconscious on the floor before the victorious Angel and was prompted by her Watcher to slay him. Faith defeated Angel, but was stopped from staking him by Buffy. Mrs. Post then told Faith that Buffy was blinded by her love for Angel and ordered Faith to fight her.[1]

With Faith and Buffy engaged in combat, Mrs. Post managed to break the wooden chest containing the Glove of Myhnegon open. She put on the Glove, and its metal talons nailed themselves into Gwen's arm. Having achieved her purpose, she activated the Glove's power and chided Faith for being an idiot. With the Glove, the rogue Watcher was capable of conjuring and directing bolts of lightning from the skies above. Her first target was the recently arrived Willow Rosenberg, who was saved by Angel.[1]


Buffy and Faith stopped fighting as Mrs. Post attacked them. Faith distracted Gwendolyn while Buffy quickly came to the realization that Post could only be stopped if separated from the Glove. She threw a glass shard at her arm, amputating it. As she had already invoked a bolt of lightning, Gwendolyn Post was incinerated by the massive burst of electricity.[1]

Post death

Mrs. Post dies.

The following day, Giles revealed to the Scooby Gang that Gwendolyn had, in fact, been a Watcher, though she had been fired from the Council position a few years before arriving in Sunnydale for abusing black magic. The Glove of Myhnegon was subsequently destroyed, and Angel managed to win back some good faith and acceptance in the Scooby Gang since he saved Willow's life. However, due to Gwen's manipulations, Faith gave up on trusting others.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

There's nothing you can do to me now. I have the Glove, and with the glove comes the power!
―Mrs. Post[src]
Post lightning

Channeling lightning through the Glove.

Because of her Watcher training, Gwendolyn had a great knowledge of demonology, the dark arts, and mystical artifacts. Her abuse of black magic caused the Council to fire her.[1]

Once the Glove was in her power, Gwendolyn was capable of conjuring electrical storms and summons bolts of lightning through a Gaelic summoning. The lightning stroke the Glove itself and was then directed by pointing in the desired direction.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Serena Scott Thomas.
  • In the dubious canon novel duology Slayer, Gwen and her daughter Imogen were after the Glove of Myneghon to be able to kill one of the Jamison-Smythe sisters and prevent their apocalyptic prophecy from happening.