I waited for you at the Bronze all night! What's the story?
―Guy to Cordelia Chase[src]

Guy Matthews was a Sunnydale High student.


Guy was stood up by Cordelia Chase, who was meant to meet him up at the Bronze, but never showed. He confronted her at the school quad, where she claimed he was just a rebound. He then grabbed her and pushed her against a tree. Buffy Summers walked up and attempted to pull him away, but could not since her strength was weakened by the drugs Rupert Giles surreptitiously gave her to prepare for the Cruciamentum. Guy pushed her back onto the ground as a result. Seeing this, Cordelia, angered, defended Buffy by giving Guy several minor jabs to the chest as he tried to blame it on Buffy (which Cordelia didn't believe as she knew Buffy was trying to defend her).

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Nick Cornish.


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