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Word's out, brother. Vamps know better than to even cross Venice Boulevard these days. Crew's as tight as it's ever been - even back in your day."

Gunn's Crew was a group of poor inner-city teens of various ethnic backgrounds located and operating out of Los Angeles. Their mission was multi-faceted, and involved the following:

  • keeping the neighborhood safe from vampires by maintaining a constant vigil against them
  • recruiting new members into the crew and treating them all equally, as family; this involved shelter and food
  • staying honorable and just in all decisions made for and in regard to the actions of the crew as a whole

After Gunn left the crew, Rondell became the leader of the crew and slowly, over time, the mission as it was defined by Gunn and Rondell upon the crew's creation, became distorted- mainly due to the actions of Gio, who began to lead the group on a vast anti-demon campaign regardless of whether the demons had actually done anything wrong in the first place- and eventually dissipated altogether. Though still in operation, the crew and Gunn officially parted ways with an understanding they disagreed with each other's methods and no longer considered each other to be partners with the same goal.

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