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Note: This article is about the Slayer adviser. For the oracle spirits, see Spirit Guides.

This is a form. I am the Guide.

The Guide was a spiritual being that advised Slayers, taking different shapes to do so.


In 2001, it was called on by a ritual performed by Rupert Giles. It then appeared to Buffy Summers, first in the form of a mountain lion, in order to guide her into the desert. To communicate with her, the Guide assumed the form of Sineya behind a bonfire during the Vision Quest proper.[1]

B5x18 Guide Sineya

The Guide in Sineya's form.

Buffy would use the message the Guide offered her — that death was her gift — to understand her role in sacrificing herself to save her sister and the world.[2]

In 2003, Giles led a group of Potential Slayers to the same place in the desert to experience the Vision Quest. Buffy explained this trip was important for the girls to understand the source of their power, and to know how to use it right.[3]

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