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She is the light. She is the way.
―The High Priest[src]

High Priest, Guardian of the Word, and Caretaker of Her Most Blessed Temple were the titles held by a demon that belonged to the species that worshiped the Blessed Devourer, serving as the Keeper of the Guardian of the Word, the only demon who would speak the Devourer's true name. When Angel came to the temple to learn the Devourer's name- the only person who could enter the Priest's dimension-, the Priest attempted to put him off-balance by taunting him with the idea that he had already lost everything that he was fighting for, claiming that Connor- the only thing left for him to fight for- was already lost, but Angel rejected the Priest's words, countering that his world would still need him even if it didn't want him, and arguing that children were born for all sorts of reasons. As the fight continued, Angel was able to divert the Guardian's attacks so that the Priest was thrown into a wall by one of its own punches, resulting in his own death.

Guardian of the word

Powers and abilities

I know all about you, dead thing. She who brought us up out of the mud and molded us into what we are has given me sight into the hearts and minds of others.
―Guardian of the Word[src]

The High Priest had psychic and empathic abilities, somehow granted to him by Jasmine. His abilities allowed him to sense Angel's whereabouts, as well as his fears and doubts and even his status as an undead being. However, his physical abilities were comparatively limited, with the result that he was virtually helpless in a physical fight against Angel and was taken out with a single blow from the Guardian.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Robert Towers.