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A tomb was the enclave of the Last Guardian for millennia. Originally from Africa, Buffy Summers found it placed in Sunnydale in 2003, where she learned about the and defeated Caleb.

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The tomb was an African construction, from the same place Mʔ was forged, during the Primordium Age. It had the form of a pyramid, with an entrance to a lower, subterranean section, and several pillars and urns inside. For millennia, one of the Guardians waited in the temple for the next Slayer to use the Mʔ.[1]

By the year of 2003, the woman had became the last Guardian, and the tomb placed in a cemetery in Sunnydale. Buffy Summers found the tomb, where she met the Last Guardian and learned their history.[1]

Although, during the encounter, Caleb had invaded the place and killed the Last Guardian, ensuing a duel against Buffy. During the fight, Angel arrived and assisted Buffy,[1] to step out and watch her finally defeat Caleb, cutting him in half with the Scythe. Buffy and Angel kissed, and he gave her the Amulet.[2] Unknown to them, the First Evil and Spike watched the entire exchange from the shadows.[1]

The tomb was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale, following the battle at the Hellmouth in the following day.[2]

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