Anyanka: “I'd forgotten how much damage a Grimslaw Demon could do.
Halfrek: “Oh, tell me about it. They can be feisty little guys. And impossible to house train. Once they start nesting, forget ...
— Anyanka and Halfrek[src]

Grimslaw Demons were a dangerous, non-sentient species of demons that resembled large spiders and fed on human hearts.


Anyanka summoned one of these demons in order to grant a wish to Rachel who was humiliated by a group of fratboys who made her feel she was having her heart torn out, which in turn, summoned a demon which specifically ate their hearts. The Grimslaw did not leave, instead remained in the frat house with Rachel until Willow Rosenberg scared it off. It then fled to a nearby woods where it killed another human. Buffy Summers and Xander Harris attempted to hunt it. Though it pounced on Buffy, she was able to throw it off before it retreated back into trees where Buffy then killed it by aimlessly chucking an axe.


Grimslaw demons had a long, dark green body that was roughly the same size as an average human or smaller. They had spiked carapaces and possessed six legs, four of them elongated for crawling and the other smaller two closer to the abdomen, each possessing small pincers. Their heads also had several large mandibles and appendages. A long, tongued-like mouth extends from the Grimslaw underside, which has teeth for drilling and eating.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Grimslaw demons possessed several common abilities associated with spiders, such as wall climbing and the ability to produce thick black webs. They also could leap great distances and pounce themselves on humans and overpower them, including slayers to some extent, though couldn't penetrate a magic force field created by Willow.

Their most potent weapon was a secondary mouth located on the bottom of it's abdomen with four large teeth that was presumably how it ate human hearts, by pouncing on the victim and violently biting the heart out.

Because of this, Grimslaw Demons were especially dangerous as one slaughtered an entire frat house of adult males in one night, leaving no survivors, save for one female who was the cause of its appearance.

Halfrek implied that Grimslaw Demons were possible, though difficult to house train due to their nesting habits.

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  • The Grimslaw Demon was both a CGI effect as well as a prop. This could be seen when Willow flung it out a window and after it died.
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