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I'm not seeing any money. So now Doyle gets dead. A message to the others.

Griff was a Kailiff demon and a feared hitman working for an unidentified loan shark.


Griff visited Allen Francis Doyle in his apartment who owed his employer some money, however Doyle escaped by hitting Griff with a drawer. Griff later then returned to Doyle's apartment, this time encountering Angel. There Griff claimed that his employer was not interested in money any more, but instead wanted Doyle dead. Angel then made a deal with Griff by promising that he will get his money so Doyle can live.

However, Griff broke into Cordelia Chase's apartment with two other hitmen, Keith and Vic, armed with pistols and breaking their deal and claiming, "I lied". Before this happened, Angel and Doyle were already trying to exorcise the ghost Maude Pearson who had been terrorizing Cordelia. After a brief fight, Griff was killed when Angel snapped his neck.

Behind the Scenes[]