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You do not frighten me, child. The instrument of chaos must be destroyed.

General Gregor was the leader of the Knights of Byzantium


He led he Knights in their attack against the Scooby Gang, who were leaving town to avoid Glory. The attack was initially successful and forced the Scooby Gang to leave their trailer and take shelter instead in a deserted gasoline station. Gregor and his Knights later tracked the gang and renewed their assault. In the ensuing battle, he was overpowered and taken hostage by Buffy Summers, who interrogated him. Gregor revealed to the Slayer information including Glory's origin, capabilities and goals. Later, he noticed that Ben Wilkinson was relatively new to the group and was not directly involved in the conflict. The general tried to convince him to kill Buffy's sister Dawn, the Key, so he could be free from all the conflict, in addition to saving the world. Ben, having not complied, then turned into Glory who later killed Gregor by throwing a tire rim with enough force that it sliced into his torso.

Because of the information Gregor shared, Buffy also learned how to kill Glory, which Rupert Giles ultimately accomplished.


Gregor was a determined leader. He was unyielding and was steadfast in his beliefs. He was pragmatic and was willing to kill Dawn in order to save the lives of many, even though he evidently found it unjust that going down that path would involve killing a helpless and innocent child in the process. Gregor was manipulative and attempted to use Ben against Buffy and her friends. As a general, he looked down on dissent and disorder, and even taunted Buffy when her friends appeared to be disorganized and working against each other. However, at the same time, he was willing to share information with Buffy in an effort to enlighten her to the threat that Glory and The Key posed; moreover, to get the young girl to understand his motivations for ending Dawn's existence.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the general of the Knights of Byzantium, he was well-versed in leadership and command. He fought with medieval weapons like his soldiers, although he did not appear to possess any other abilities different from or superior to his subordinates. Buffy taunted and doubted his fighting abilities, describing him as 'in charge' of 'getting captured'.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Wade Andrew Williams.