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Grappler Demon

A3 - A6

Have you seen Grappler demons fight? Not the sharpest pencils in the box, but merciless in battle.

Grappler demons were a demon species known for their brute strength and their talent for fighting. The Grappler demons of Los Angeles were mercenaries hired by Sahjhan to serve as minions for Daniel Holtz. One of these was named Flarmar. Soon, Holtz poisoned the Grapplers assigned to him as they were nothing but soulless soldiers of fortune, wanting real warriors who were willing to fight and die for his cause.

Two years later, Andrea Richmond, a human servant of the vampire Tansy Fry, hired three Grapplers to help her kill Spike.


They hit as hard as a truck.

Grapplers were muscular humanoids with grey skin and large tusks. Though superhumanly strong, they were vulnerable to poisons, wounds and explosions.

While in the service of Holtz, they were known to eat (and enjoy) fast food.