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Private[1] Graham Miller was an agent of the Initiative, a student at UC Sunnydale, and one of Riley Finn's closest friends.[2]


Like his teammates Riley Finn and Forrest Gates, Graham led a double life with his military service and his cover up as a student at UC Sunnydale.[2] Unlike his teammate Forrest, who was a rather brash person, Graham was more calm and collected and supported Riley's relationship with Buffy Summers.[3] He was also perceptive, correctly saying that Parker would be too embarrassed to report Riley for punching him.[2]

While throwing a party at the Lowell House, the poltergeist possessed Graham and forced him to do a chanting the ghosts were part of.[4]

Graham fought in the final battle in the Initiative[5] and later testified in Riley's favor during the inquiry.[6]

In the following year, Graham helped Riley get medical attention that would correct the procedures the Initiative had conducted on him. Graham tried to convince Riley to leave Sunnydale and rejoin the army,[7] and he later had Major Ellis successfully persuade Riley to join their new squad of demon hunters.[8]

In the following years, Graham became a supernatural analyst for the government.[9]

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