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Grace Newman was a Sunnydale High teacher in 1955.[1]


During her time at the school she began an affair with honor roll student James Stanley, but when she attempted to break it off to give him a chance at a normal relationship James lost his temper and shot her dead, subsequently taking his own life in grief.[1]

Years later, James's spirit returned, attempting to seek forgiveness for what he had done by possessing others to relive his last moments with Grace, but he was unfortunately trapped in a loop; every time he attempted to undo his mistake, the participants repeated the couples' last moments and James's host ended up shooting Grace's, resulting in the death of teacher Ellen Frank when she and the school janitor were possessed (although Rupert Giles was fortunately able to stop the janitor before he could kill himself).[1]

Eventually James managed to break the cycle when he and Grace possessed Buffy Summers and Angelus, with the two ghosts "switching" genders so that Grace inhabited Angelus; although Grace was still shot, Angelus's vampiric abilities allowed him to survive the injury, allowing her to stop James from killing himself and admit that she had always loved him. With this last act, the two kissed, their spirits finally able to pass on to the next life.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

  • Ghost abilities: Grace has standard powers of a ghost like intangibility, invisibility, possession and telekinesis.
  • Possession: She is forced to re-enact the moments with James by possessing the bodies of three students, a vampire and two of the school staff members.
  • Invisibility: She can be invisible to the naked eye by making a 1955 yearbook fall off the shelf.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Meredith Salenger, Sarah Bibb, Miriam Flynn and David Boreanaz (who played Angelus).
  • Joss Whedon credits David Boreanaz's portrayal of Grace during Angelus's possession as the moment that made him realize Boreanaz had the potential to be a solo star in his own right, resulting in the subsequent creation of Angel.