I have the Glove, and with the glove comes the power!
―Gwendolyn Post[src]

The Glove of Myneghon was a powerful and extremely dangerous magical artifact.


According to Gwendolyn Post, no record of the glove's full power existed. It was housed for a time in the Von Hauptman family crypt in Restfield Cemetery in Sunnydale. The physical traits of the glove were a combination of plate, chain mail and leather, resembling a medieval gauntlet. Small spikes along the plates covered the back of the hand and the forearm. Ringed around the opening, there were ten sharp hinged steel claws. Once the glove was equipped, these claws contracted, piercing through the skin and permanently latching the glove to its wearer. The glove would not release its hold until the individual died.

Glove of myhnegon bolt

Mrs. Post launching a lighting bolt

One of the glove's known powers was the ability to funnel lightning into it, then direct that lightning at the target of the wearer's choice. Each individual act (the pulling of lightning, as well as the ejecting of) required an individual command by the wearer, spoken in Gaelic. These commands included:
  • Tar chugam a chumhacht Myhnegon! (Come to me, power of Myhnegon!), to summon lightning.
  • Tar frim! (Come through me!), to shoot lightning.

Severing the glove arm from the wearer's body while they were channelling this power would cause the user of the glove to be destroyed by the uncontrolled power of lightning.

The glove could only be destroyed by performing a ritual to turn fire into Living Flame and then immolating the glove.


The demon Lagos travelled to Sunnydale in 1999 in search of the glove while at the same time, Gwendolyn Post arrived in the guise as Faith Lehane's new Watcher so that Faith and Buffy Summers would prevent Lagos from obtaining the glove. After Lagos' defeat, Post discovered that the Scooby Gang had gained possession of the glove and were about to destroy it with the Living Flame. Since Post couldn't take on Angel, she manipulated Faith into turning against the gang, allowing her to weld the glove. Post then tried to kill the people present with the glove only for herself to be caught in a surge of lightning when Buffy amputated the arm wearing he glove. The glove then released from her arm and was subsequently destroyed.


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