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Glory's Minions, commonly known simply as Minions and at one time called "Scabby Boys", were a species of demon native to Glorificus's home dimension and who worshipped her. In spite of all of their blind loyalty to her, Glory largely did not appreciate their help, and they often received a lot of abuse (both verbal and physical) from her, either out of their failures or simply during Glory's temper tantrums.

The demon Doc, also a worshipper of "The Beast", but far more powerful, referred to them as "underworld bottom feeders."

These demons were humanoid in appearance, though Xander Harris described them as "hobbits with leprosy". They're recognized by their scabby skin, long messy hair, black eyes, small stature and pointed ears.

After Glory's death, what happened to them is unknown. They are presumed all deceased in the final battle against the Scooby Gang and their organization is dissolved.

Glory and Her Minions

Glory and three of her Minions

Prominent Glory's Minions Edit

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