Gio (last name unknown) was a member of Gunn's Crew after Charles Gunn left it.


A fanatical demon hunter, Gio moved to Los Angeles after a traumatic experience in Miami, where he was apparently responsible for the death of a girl who trusted him. Without a presence like Gunn to counter him, Gio, alongside the like-minded Rondell, turned the Crew into a demon-hunting paramilitary group, hunting down even non-threatening demons such as Merl, bookie Samuel Larch and a Yarbnie demon.

Gio was part of the raid on Caritas, where he questioned Gunn's loyalty to the mission, claiming that he was working with Angel because he wanted to become a vampire himself. He attempted to force Gunn to shoot Angel by stating that nobody would leave until the vampire was dead, but this plan backfired when Winifred Burkle took the crossbow and threatened him with it. Fred's actions stalled the attack long enough for the Transuding Furies to lift the Sanctorium Spell that prevented demonic violence from taking place inside the club. After the spell was lifted, Gio's head was devoured by a Nurbatch demon.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Khalil Kain.


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