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First they tell me I can't shoot an elephant for its ivory. Now I've got to deal with People for the Ethical Treatment of Werewolves.
―Gib Cain[src]

Gib Cain was a human werewolf hunter. Cain hunted werewolves during the nights of full moon, skinned them, and sold their pelts in the black market, particularly Sri Lanka. Like fellow hunter Frawley, he wore a necklace containing one tooth from each werewolf he had killed.


Cain arrived in Sunnydale seeking to score his twelfth werewolf pelt. During his hunt, he encountered Buffy Summers and Rupert Giles, immediately offending them both with his genderist attitude, as well as the fact that he disregarded that werewolves were still human outside of the full moon.

When the werewolf attacked the Bronze, Cain arrived after Buffy's failed attempt to capture it alive, condescendingly informing her that anyone the werewolf killed would be on Buffy's head.

Eventually, the werewolf was discovered to be Oz, a classmate of the Scooby Gang. Cain set a trap for him, but the Scoobies arrived on the scene and subdued Oz with a tranquilizer gun. Seeing this, Cain disgustedly remarked that Sunnydale was infested with monsters because there was no one in town "man enough" to kill him. Buffy interjected, bending Cain's rifle barrel with her bare hands and forcing him out of the city.

Personality and Traits[]

This is what happens when a woman tries to do a man's job.

Cain was particularly chauvinistic, dismissing Buffy for being a young woman (not realizing Buffy was the Slayer). He also believed that men were better than women in everything they did in life. Motivated mostly by money, he had no regards that his werewolf targets were regular people when not transformed.  Although Cain seemed to believe he was helping keep humans safe by killing monsters, this may have been an excuse to kill werewolves for fun and profit. However, while he was in Sunnydale, he never encountered a vampire, or saw Buffy fight and stake a vampire with his own eyes.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Cain's full name is never mentioned on-screen; the first name "Gib" originates from the "Phases" shooting script.[1]
  • He was portrayed by Jack Conley, who also played Sahjhan in Angel.