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Buffy is a misguided monarch who's held women like you and me back for too long. She deserves to be assassinated. And when I take her crown, our glorious new reign will begin.
―Lady Genevieve Savidge.[src]

Lady Genevieve Savidge, also known as Gigi, was a British noblewoman and a Slayer[1] called in the Slayer activation spell cast in 2003.[2]


Lady Savidge was guided by an Irish warlock named Roden who was a servant of Twilight. With Roden, Gigi hunted and killed Slayers as part of her training.[1]

Giles targeted Gigi due to her plans to usurp Buffy's place in the Slayer hierarchy by assassinating her, and because he was informed that, if Gigi was not handled by Fall's end, she would bring about the apocalypse.[1] Giles sent Faith in an undercover mission to kill her.[1][3] However, she and Faith realized they had a lot in common, both as Slayers and as troubled women enticed by evil.[3][4]

Discovering Faith's treachery and tenuous affiliation with Buffy,[4] Gigi attacked her and, in their fight, was accidentally killed by an axe. Her death affected Faith, causing her to want to find other Slayers like Genevieve and guide them back to the path of good.[5]

Powers and abilities[]

Gigi was a Slayer, which granted her superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, and reflexes, as well as prophetic dreaming. She was very powerful for a Slayer, having killed several others like her,[1] and skilled enough to hold her own against more experienced Slayers such as Buffy[4] and Faith.[5]

Behind the scenes[]



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Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane

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