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Gave them hugs and praise when they were good. Punished them when they were dirty. [...] Without me, they would have been shut out of the Kingdom, lost to lust.
―Genevieve Holt[src]

Genevieve Holt was the former director of the Lowell Home for Children, which later became the fraternity house of UC Sunnydale that was above the headquarters for the Initiative.

Although Genevieve won an award for her care for the children, in reality she was highly abusive towards them, punishing them for even the slightest "transgression", such as shaving the hair of girls who she thought were too vain so they would not be tempted to preen. Also, when the children "sinned", she held baptisms by filling up the bathtub and holding them under the water. Her refusal to allow the children to experience any kind of sexual freedom created an environment of sexual repression within the house, which culminated in the "spirits" of the children that haunts the house and of the repression she had caused being amplified and unleashed when Buffy and Riley had sex in the house. The spirits were only finally tamed when Xander and Anya broke into the house and freed Buffy and Riley from their influence.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Kathryn Joosten.