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Yeah, right. What're you gonna do — use magic to make him into a girl?
Anya Jenkins[src]

A gender change spell was attempted by Willow Rosenberg to transmogrify R.J. Brooks into a woman.


In 2002, Willow had fallen under a love spell with the boy RJ, despite being a lesbian, and wanted to change him into a woman to accommodate her sexuality. The idea was accidentally given to her by Anya, who had sarcastically asked if Willow would magically turn R.J into a woman to prove her love for him.

Willow started the incantation, calling upon the goddess Hecate, before Xander interrupted it by covering her mouth. The floating crystals stopped glowing and fell of the air.[1]


  • A bowl of crystals;
  • four candles surrounding the bowl;
  • several additional crystals surrounding the bowl.

Incantation (incomplete):

“O Hecate, I call on you.
I humbly ask your will be done.
Hear my request, a simple change
Create a daughter from a son…”[1]



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