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I chose to remain here. Ever and always, this is my home. I want no more of destruction, no more of Hell. I will never be what once I was. And so I will not interfere.

Garth was an Old One who sought refuge on the island of Questral after the end of the Primordium Age rather than return to its home dimension. Having grown tired of endless warfare, it made peace with the loss of its temporal power and withdrew into a life of peaceful solitude.

Garth was described as a roughly fifty-five foot tall Cyclopean monstrosity that glowed orange, its thin insectoid body and limbs reminiscent of a giant mantis. Its skull was laden with fissures that jetted spurts of flame and was dominated by a single huge unblinking orange eye. Instead of a mouth, it possessed a mass of squirming serpentine tentacles, which ended in tiny snapping and hissing mouths that spoke in unison. Its spoke only in the language of the Old Ones with a voice that sounded like a rock-slide.

After the Coalition for Purity assaulted the island, it was initially unwilling to intervene. With some convincing by Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, it arrived on the battlefield and ordered the Coalition to leave or else fight it to the death.

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