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Frickin' gargoyles? I hate Europe

Gargoyles were a species of demon resembling giantic, winged humanoids with rock-like hides similar to that of The Beast. The Warlock Roden, a servant of Twilight, was in turn served by a pair of gargoyles before Faith Lehane killed both of them. Gargoyles were also among the armies of demons that invade Earth from other dimensions.

Powers and Abilities[]

Gargoyles could fly and possessed great strength and endurance. Their rock-like skin also made them impervious to most forms of physical damage; in fact, when Faith Lehane punched one, she merely injured her hand. Even though she managed to destroy two gargoyles at once, the amount of physical effort caused her great injuries and knocked her unconscious. Gargoyles were so strong that they weren't affected by the fiery blast of a dragon while other demons were disintegrated.

Gargoyles also possessed heat vision which they used to disintegrate a girl's corpse.

Known Gargoyles[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Gargoyles appeared in the 2003 video game, Chaos Bleeds, as enemies and minions of
    Gargolye chaos bleeds

    A gargolye, as depicted in the game

    Kakistos, who summoned them to kill Buffy Summers and Rupert Giles in the Magic Box. However, Buffy managed to destroy them using stakes infused with Gorgon venom. They are depicted far differently than they are in Season Eight; they appear as quadrupedal wingless creatures with a slight canine appearance.