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I've got my positive energy flowing… I'm gonna get the gallery on its feet… Oh, we may have found a space today.
―Joyce Summers[src]

Joyce Summers ran an art gallery in Sunnydale, inaugurated when she moved there in 1997.[1]


Joyce considered it a small gallery, which overloaded her with responsibilities,[2] and it opened during the weekends as well.[3] The gallery's first major show was a tribal art display, which included a fertility statue.[4] Later in the same year, Ted Buchanan from Lorrin Software redid the entire system at the gallery, freeing a lot of Joyce's time.[5] In 1998, a new shipment at the gallery included a Nigerian mask, which Joyce hang in her own bedroom at home; unknowingly to her, the piece contained the demon Ovu Mobani.[6]

To help her daughter Buffy Summers selling chocolate bars for school, Joyce accepted her suggestion of handing them out along with purchases at the gallery. At the event, Buffy mentioned the gallery included Pre-Columbian art.[7] For Buffy's 18th birthday, Joyce offered to have someone covering her at the gallery so she could go with her to an ice skating event, but she refused.[8] When Buffy went to college, Joyce would use her bedroom to store crates with art items while they did inventory at the gallery.[9] Joyce would tell anecdotes from the gallery to Spike while he waited for Buffy to arrive home.[10]

Since late 2000,[11] Joyce was absent from the gallery after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, but resumed her work in early 2001 as soon as she recovered from her surgery. In her first day, she met Brian, who questioned her about antique cameos, but she was lost about them since Carol had been doing the ordering during her absence. Joyce and Brian eventually went on a date, although she died from a brain aneurysm in the following day.[12]





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