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Gage Petronzi was a Sunnydale High student and a member of the Swim Team. He was the third best swimmer of the team.


Gage was a student in Jenny Calendar's computer class which, after her death, was taught by Willow Rosenberg. Willow noticed Gage's tendency to misbehave in ways such as playing solitaire on computers during class, not doing homework and lacking acceptable test scores since he did not show up to take the tests. Willow graded him accordingly against the wishes of Principal Snyder who wanted her to unfairly pass him to a D grade standard so he could remain on the swim team and win the State Championship.

After several suspected murders of swim team members, Buffy Summers began following Gage as the assumed next victim. Gage, annoyed, noticed this and confronted her at the Bronze before getting attacked by Angelus after a brief conversation about Buffy. Luckily for him, the steroids given to him by Coach Marin made his blood distasteful, causing Angelus to stop feeding before Buffy rescued him. Afterward, a grateful Gage asked Buffy to escort him home that night and waved to her during swimming practice the next day. However, in the boy's locker room, he was attacked by a Gill Monster before subsequently turning into one.

Behind the Scenes[]