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Funny. Hearing a Fyarl demon say 'serviceable'. Had a couple of 'em working for me once. They're more like 'Like to crush. Crush now?' Strong, though. You won't meet a jar you can't open for the rest of your life.

Fyarl demons were a humanoid species of demon foot soldier. They were known for serving other demons, even vampires, because they were rather simple-minded but extremely violent. Humans could be transformed into Fyarl demons through a spell, although such Fyarl demons appear to maintain their higher mind (although their humanity will be eventually consumed by the demon's instincts) and could also be transformed back to human state.

Physiology and powers[]

Giles: "Listen, about Fyarl demons... do I, do I have any special powers? Setting things on fire with my sizzling eye beams?"
Spike: "Well, you got the mucus thing..."
Giles: "What? Mucus?

Fyarl demons were tall, muscular humanoids with orange skin and protruding shoulders. They were also recognizable because of the curved horns at the sides of their heads. Besides being extremely strong, Fyarls had the ability of shooting paralyzing mucus from their noses. After drying, this substance became extremely hard and durable.

Despite their superhuman strength, however, Fyarls were particularly vulnerable to silver and would instantly die when stabbed in the heart with a silver object.

Giles after being transformed into a Fyarl Demon by Ethan Rayne

If a human was transformed into a Fyarl demon, they would be unable to speak in any tongue other than the Fyarl language, which consisted of growls and roars. Another side effect of the transformation was that the human part of the victim's psyche would be slowly consumed by the demon's violent instincts, until their humanity finally disappeared.

The Fyarl language could be understood by vampires, as when Spike was able to translate Giles' sentences for others.

Notable Fyarl Demons[]

In January 2000, Rupert Giles was briefly transformed into a Fyarl by the chaos-worshipping sorcerer Ethan Rayne, wreaking minor chaos in Sunnydale and being nearly killed by Buffy Summers, who believed Ethan had sent a Fyarl after Giles. She recognized him after stabbing him with a silver-colored letter opener, and, with a spell, Ethan changed him back to normal before he was arrested by the Initiative.[1]

An unidentified Fyarl demon was among those killed and dissected by Adam. Specifically, he tied the Fyarl's dissected corpse from a tree, clearly to be found.[2]

The vampire Spike has at some point hired the service of a pair of Fyarls; though demons and vampires typically rejected each other, Fyarls are apparently either too simple-minded to grasp the concept of racism, or too concerned over violence to care for it. Also, according to the Slayer Violet, there was a lot of Fyarl activity in New York City.