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Funny. Hearing a Fyarl demon say 'serviceable.' Had a couple of 'em working for me once. They're more like 'Like to crush. Crush now?' Strong, though. You won't meet a jar you can't open for the rest of your life.

Fyarl demon was a humanoid species of foot soldier demon. They were known for serving other demons, even vampires, because they were rather simple-minded and aggressive. Humans could be transformed into Fyarl demons through a spell which the demon's instinct affected their need to be violent.[1]


In January 2000, Rupert Giles was briefly transformed into a Fyarl by the Chaos-worshipping sorcerer Ethan Rayne. Giles wreaked minor chaos in Sunnydale due to his appearance and was nearly killed by Buffy Summers, who believed Ethan had sent a Fyarl after Giles. However, Buffy recognized Giles after stabbing him with a silver-colored letter opener. Ethan changed Giles back with a spell before he was arrested by the Initiative.[1]

Dissected Fyarl

A dissected Fyarl.

An unidentified Fyarl demon was among those killed and dissected by Adam. Specifically, he tied the Fyarl's dissected corpse from a tree.[2]

At some point, the vampire Spike hired the service of a couple of Fyarls.[1] According to the Slayer Vi, the Harlem neighborhood in New York City was "overflowing" with Fyarls.[3]

Physiology and powers[]

Fyarl demons were tall, muscular humanoids with orange skin and protruding shoulders. They were recognizable by the curved horns at the sides of their heads.[1][2] These demons also bleed green blood.[1][2]

Fyarls had the ability of shooting paralyzing mucus from their noses; after drying, this substance became hard and durable.[1]

In Fyarl form, Giles was initially unable to control his new strength and effortlessly punched through a wall, broke a wooden pole, destroyed a wooden chair, smashed a plastic telephone, ripped a shirt, lifted a door from its hinges, broke through another door.[1]

Despite their strength, however, Fyarls were particularly vulnerable to silver and would die when stabbed in the heart with a silver object.[1]

If a human was transformed into a Fyarl demon, they would be unable to speak in any tongue other than the Fyarl language, which consisted of growls and roars.[1] The Fyarl language could be understood by vampires,[4] as when Spike was able to translate Giles' sentences.[1]

Another side effect of the transformation was that the human part of the victim's psyche would be slowly consumed by the demon's violent instincts.[1]

Behind the scenes[]