Funko Pop! is a series of vinyl figures produced by Funko, based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer television show. The collectibles were 3.8 inches tall and part of the brand's “Pop!” figure series, with the first figures released in 2014.

Figures[edit | edit source]

Figure Title Release Code
Funko Pop Buffy.jpg Buffy September 2014 121
Funko Pop Buffy variant.jpg Buffy (variant) July 2014 121
  • Injured Buffy Summers variant exclusive for San Diego Comic Con.
Funko Pop Willow.jpg Willow September 2014 122
Funko Pop Angel.jpg Angel September 2014 123
Funko Pop Spike.jpg Spike September 2014 124
Funko Pop Vampire Spike.jpg Vampire Spike September 2014 125
  • Based on Spike in his vampire face.
Funko Pop The Gentlemen.jpg The Gentlemen September 2014 126
Funko Pop Oz.jpg Oz September 2014 127
Funko Pop Wishverse Willow.jpg Wishverse Willow September 2014 182
Funko Pop Vampire Buffy Angel.jpg Vampire Buffy and Vampire Angel July 2016
  • Based on Buffy Summers in episode "Nightmares" and Angel, both in vampire face, in 2 pack exclusive for Toy Tokyo.
Funko Pop Buffy Faith.jpg Buffy & Faith October 2017
Funko Pop Buffy 2.jpg Buffy (2nd version) January 2018 594
Funko Pop Xander.jpg Xander January 2018 595
Funko Pop Xander variant.jpg Xander (variant) January 2018 595
  • Xander Harris with an eyepatch limited “chase” variant edition.
Funko Pop Giles.jpg Giles January 2018 596
Funko Pop Faith.jpg Faith (2nd version) January 2018 597
  • Based on Faith Lehane with a crossbow.
Funko Pop Dark Willow.jpg Dark Willow January 2018 598
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