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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.

"Front Lines" was the second issue of the Blood & Trenches comic book mini-series.


Angel was held captive by Geoffrey Wyndam-Pryce and his men who just opened the curtains to let any vampire burn in the sun. Angel jumped through the window to escape and quickly ran to the nearby river and jumped in the frozen river. Geoffrey told his soldiers no to pursue Angel, as the river would bring him into German territory, instead Geoffrey visited Margaret to question her.

A few hours later, after the sun had set, Angel climbed onto shore again and found himself on German territory. There he ran into a group of five Germans. The rest of their men were slaughtered by vampires. One of them had been sired but not risen yet, so Angel went to kill him. The men didn't understand and thought Angel crazy. But when the man rose as a vampire and killed one of them, they understood. Angel saved them from the vampire soldier and they headed back to the camp where all the other soldiers were killed, only to find there were no corpses. The vampires had hidden under the snow and suddently ambushed Angel and the soldiers. But the fight is halted by a vampire called Crixus who knows the identity of Angel. Crixus explained that vampires were organised under a leader who had struck a deal with the German emperor. Angel and the other captives were taken to an abandonned nunnery where Angel met the leader, Kakistos, who instantly recognized Angel had a soul.


The events took place after "Barbary Coast, Part Three", but before the flashbacks from "Orpheus".



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  • The river Angel jumped in was said to flow from France into Germany. In reality most (if not all) rivers on the German-French border flow from Germany into France.


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Kakistos: "Comfort will be of little concern to you, Angelus, unless you can explain why there is so much of the stench of a soul about you!"
- Front Lines


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