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The printed page is obsolete. Information isn't bound up anymore, it's an entity. The only reality is virtual. If you're not jacked in, you're not alive.
―Fritz Siegel[src]

Fritz Siegel was a student at Sunnydale High School and a follower of Moloch the Corruptor.[1]


Fritz attended Ms. Calendar's computer class in 1997. When Moloch was released into the Internet, the demon quickly recruited Fritz. Already obsessive and unstable by nature, Fritz became fanatically loyal to Moloch, going as far as carving his initial into his arm.[1]

Delighted by Moloch's order to kill Buffy for interfering in his plans, Fritz also killed his classmate Dave when the latter had a crisis of conscience. Nonetheless, when Moloch's new robotic body was completed, the first thing the demon did was kill Fritz by snapping his neck.[1]

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