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Freefall is the first volume of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine trade paperbacks, collecting issues one to five of the comic book series and a short story. It was originally published on July 4, 2012, by Dark Horse Comics.


Season 8 ended with a bang that cut the world off from magic — culminating in another set of world-ending problems. Buffy has left her best friend, Willow, powerless, and brought an end to a millennia-long tradition of superpowered girls. By day, Buffy is a twenty-something waitress with no real direction, and even though magic is gone, she's still a vampire Slayer by night. Bigger problem? Vampires are becoming an epidemic... Of zompires![1]


Behind the scenes[]


  • It also features a cover gallery and sketchbook.
  • For the German version of this collection, Panini Comics produced a limited edition (333 books) with a variant cover by Franco Urru.[2]


  • Freefall was the 4th best selling graphic novel in its publishing month, with 5,071 sales in July 2012 at comic specialty stores.[3]

International titles[]

  • French: Chute Libre (Freefall)
  • German: Im Freien Fall (In Freefall)
  • Italian: Caduta Libera (Freefall)
  • Spanish: Caída Libre (Freefall)