This is my home. Place welcomes me. Got histry in it, in these diaries, and since Harth got my Slayer memories, I've need.
―Melaka Fray[src]

Melaka Fray discovered a Watchers Diaries library in Haddyn, where she lived with Gates.


Melaka was pursuing a demon who had taken the Scythe from her, when he guided Melaka until the library. There, she noticed the abandoned apartment had an illustration of the Scythe on its floor, and she found its books contained history of Slayers, a connection with the line she did not have other way.[1] She then moved to the place and took the demon as a pet, naming him after Gates, the last great Watcher according to one of the books.[2]

When the 21st century Slayer Buffy Summers went to Melaka’s time, they went to the library to search for what could had happened between these centuries that explained the disappearance of Slayers — a research without results.[3]



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