Frawley (referred to as "Jungle Bob" by Buffy Summers) was a human hunter participating in SlayerFest '98. He wore a werewolf pelt and, like Gib Cain, a necklace of werewolf teeth.

After he was caught in one of his own traps, Buffy held him at gunpoint with his own rifle and threatened him unless he told her and Cordelia Chase the identities of the other SlayerFest participants. Kulak later came upon him and offered to release him by cutting his leg off, which he declined.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Billy Maddox.
  • Frawley is sometimes confused with Gib Cain by fans. But while Cain felt he was keeping humans safe by killing monsters, Frawley seemed to want to kill Buffy and Faith for the pure love of killing.


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