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Dr. Angleman will brief you.
Maggie Walsh[src]

Doctor Francis Angleman was a scientist at The Initiative and one of the few, perhaps the only one besides Maggie Walsh, aware of the 314 Project.

After Adam awoke, murdered Professor Walsh and escaped, Dr. Angleman took over the facilities. However, when the prototype Bio-mechanical demonoid returned to the Initiative to retrieve files, Dr. Angleman tried to reason with Adam, only to be killed.

Weeks later, during the implementation of final stages of the 314 Project, Adam reanimated Angleman's corpse to serve as a worker. The corpse collapsed after Riley Finn ripped out the tube pumping blood that kept him reanimated.

Primeval angleman

Dr. Angleman was reanimated as a barely sentient corpse by Adam.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Jack Stehlin.
  • In the Initiative level of Chaos Bleeds, Spike finds and uses Dr. Angleman's severed head to bypass a retinal scanner.