Francine Sharp was Stephanie Sharp's mother and Virginia Bryce's friend.

Francine contacted Angel Investigations to see if they could remove the third eye from the head of her daughter. A Skilosh Demon had infected her with its spawn, but the team successfully removed the demon from Stephanie's head. However, Mrs. Sharp informed the gang that she had no intention of paying the bill and she felt they were running a scam since it was "impossible" for a third eye to grow out the back of a skull, despite the fact that it was she who approached them with the problem. She and her daughter left having successfully stiffed the gang for payment and an exasperated Charles Gunn left. Under duress from a Skilosh demon, she called Cordelia Chase to arrange a payment. The Skilosh demon broke her the neck.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Marie Chambers.

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