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Enemies, fly and fall... Circling arms raise a wall!
Willow Rosenberg[src]

Force field was a solid barrier conjured mystically used to protect an individual,[1] object,[2] or whole area.[3]


All vampires were prevented from entering human residences by an invisible wall without an invitation[4] from an owner or resident,[5] so long as they were alive.[6] This also extended to single rooms if the person residing there lived in it as if it was their own private residence, separate to the building containing the room.[7] If the invitation was granted, the vampire could enter the home as they pleased unless the proper ritual were performed.[8]

An invisible barrier was created after an earthquake disrupted the Master's attempt to open Hellmouth beneath Sunnydale, imprisoning the Master, and the Master only, in a church for sixty years.[9] Every time he touched it, the barrier would vibrate rapidly. It was only until he drank the blood of the Slayer that he could break the barrier open, resulting in a bright light shining for a short moment.[10]

The Box of Gavrok was protected by a small mystical barrier while in possession of Mayor Richard Wilkins. While staying unseen, touching it would cause it to become visible.[2]

During an enjoining spell performed by Willow Rosenberg, Buffy Summers, Alexander Harris, and Rupert Giles, their essences combined cast a a spell that blocked Adam's bullets with an invisible shield that vaporized the bullets as they made contact.[11]

Willow used a spell to contain Glorificus inside her apartment, creating an invisible wall that would vibrate as Glory touched it, literally thickening the air around her. She activating it by saying "Thicken."[12]

Willow using the barrier spell

Willow cast a spell that created a force field big enough to cover a gas station where she and her friends were held up to protect them from the Knights of Byzantium. While the Knights used clerics to try to disable the barrier, Glorificus was able to punch a hole into it to let her pass through before it mended itself while Buffy needed Willow to create a "door" in the force field. According to Willow, this spell would only last for half a day, and was in a fixed position, so it couldn't defend a moving object.[3]

To prevent its attack, Willow created a force field to protect herself from a pouncing Grimslaw demon.[13]


When a Turok-Han hunted after Buffy and the Potential Slayers, Willow tried to hold it off with a spell to conjure a force field but could not keep it up as the ancient vampire was too strong. However, Dawn Summers speculated that Willow intentionally let it fail.[14]

When magically transformed into Warren Mears physically and psychologically, Willow created a force field to prevent Kennedy from accompanying her.[15]

All enslaved demons wearing one of the XXI's bracelets were confined to an area designated by a red line. Crossing the line meant disintegration.[16]

The cavern lair of Nezzla demon was protected by a barrier that only they could cross and split the intruders. Only those wearing their skin were allowed to cross the barrier. Jonathan Levinson made it possible for Warren to steal the Orbs of Nezzla'Khan.[17] 

After his capture by Angel for to interrogate on the possessed Cordelia Chase, the demon Skip was standing inside a cylinder of red light generate by a circle of sand of the red palm.[18]

The Immortal's bodyguard used a force field to prevent Angelus and Spike to enter at his party.[19]

In their dimension, the Nitobe demons had a jail system using an energy barrier. It was here that Eldre Koh was imprisoned until Buffy destroyed the seed.

Willow cast a force field over Santa Rosita to control the zompire outbreak.[20]


In San Francisco, Giles conjured a force field to protect himself and the other Scoobies from a crumbling building.[21]

After moving together, Willow cast protective spell over the Scooby Gang's apartments, preventing anything (beings, objects, magic attacks) to enter or exit without authorization. While fighting a Morituri demon, Buffy, Angel, and Spike threw it into one of the apartments, resulting it to rapidly combust.[22]

Demonic flying brains were capable of creating force fields resistant to bullets.[23]

Dawn built a magic shield to protect herself, Xander, and a group of demons while running away from the acid rain of Anharra.[1]



  • The dissolution spell could break down force fields.[2]
  • The immense strength of certain beings like Glorificus could break apart force fields.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Force fields make an appearance in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Xbox) game: Hanoch demons and siren demons could create magical barriers that would close only after they die, while Urd could protect himself with a small force field that destroyed projectiles and electrocute any enemies that touched it. 




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