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Flight was the ability to move through and remain in the air without support. It could be achieved through various methods, including magic,[1] anatomy,[2] and technology.[3]



Levitation through magical means was demonstrated by several magic practitioners. This method of flight relied on magical ability to stay airborne. Witches who possessed this skill included Willow Rosenberg,[4][5][6][7] Tara Maclay,[8] Amy Madison,[4] and Kumiko Ishihara.[6]

Atmospheric manipulation was a method performed by Willow when she channeled dark magic. According to Anya Jenkins, Willow was still incapable of teleportation at that moment, and thus had to rely on flight. When using the ability, Willow appeared to vanish and/or appear with gusts of winds and bolts of lightning. Anya described this method to be "more flashy" and impressive to a casual observer, but still took longer than teleporting.[1]

Dracula, through transmogrification, achieved flight by assuming the form of a bat, cloud of mist or swarm of bees.[9] Toru's pack could also do this[6] after Dracula revealed his secrets to them.[10] New vampires could fly due to their similar shapeshifting abilities.[7] Willow could also fly by turning herself into a seagull.[11]

Buffy Summers[12] and Angel[13] were temporarily gifted with the ability to fly under Twilight's empowerment.[14]


This method relied on the presence of a being's wings or similar appendages. As opposed to other known forms of flight, this relied mainly on innate biological and anatomical features instead of magical affinity. Beings with this ability included:


Warren Mears and Andrew Wells achieved flight through technology, with the use of jet packs.[3]

The demon Santa Claus used flying reindeer.[33]