Buffy Summers with the power to fly

Flight was the ability to fly and remain airborne without external influence or the use of contraptions.

Methods[edit | edit source]

Flight could be achieved through various methods.

Magical[edit | edit source]

Levitation[edit | edit source]

Levitation through magical means was demonstrated by several demons and witches. This method of flight relied on magical ability to stay airborne. Witches who possessed this skill included Willow Rosenberg, Tara Maclay, Amy Madison and Kumiko Ishihara (though it should be noted that Tara was only seen with the ability to hover above ground, not achieving full-blown flight).

Atmospheric Manipulation[edit | edit source]


This method was performed by Willow when she channeled dark magicks. According to Anya, although Willow was powerful, the witch was still incapable of teleportation at that moment, and thus, had to rely on flight. When using the ability, Willow appeared to vanish and/or appear with gusts of winds and bolts of lightning. Anya described this method to be "more flashy" and that it tended to impress the locals, but still took longer than teleporting.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Buffy was temporarily gifted by the universe with the ability to fly through an unknown method. Angel, during his time as Twilight, also possessed the ability to fly.
  • Dracula, through transmogrification, achieved flight by assuming the form of a bat, cloud of mist or swarm of bees. Toru's pack could also do this after Dracula revealed his secrets to them. 
  • Evolved vampires could fly while in bat-form due to her shapeshifting abilities. 
  • Willow Rosenberg could fly by turning herself into a seagull.

Biological[edit | edit source]

This method relied on the presence of a being's wings or similar appendages. As opposed to other known forms of flight, this relied mainly on biological and anatomical features instead of magical affinity. 

Beings with this ability included:

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