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You filthy little commoner.
―Genevieve Savidge[src]

This unidentified Slayer was one of the thousands of girls whose powers were activated by Willow Rosenberg. Unlike hundreds of her fellow new Slayers, she wasn't inducted into the Slayer Organization.

Biography Edit

I don't know how many other people you nutters have kidnapped, but this time... you snatched the wrong girl.
―the "filthy little commoner"[src]

She was kidnapped by the warlock Roden as part Genevieve Savidge's training for the assassination of Buffy Summers. The Slayer was set loose in the Savidge estate so "Gigi" would hunt her down in the manner of a foxhunt. Once cornered, however, the kidnapped Slayer attacked Genevieve by kicking her in the stomach, thus soiling her favorite shirt with mud. Filled with anger, Genevieve slapped her fellow Slayer with the back of her hand, snapping her neck in the process. The Slayer's body was then disposed of by a pair of gargoyles who served Roden.

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