Fell Brethren


The Fell Brethren was a demon cult linked to the Circle of the Black Thorn via their Grand Potentate, Ed.

The Fell Breathren needed Wolfram & Hart to negotiate a contract between them and the mother of an unborn child their seers said was special. The Fell explained to the mother the finer points of what would be her sons life, but later it was unveiled that this worshiped and pampered lifestyle would come to an end at the child's 13th birthday in which he would become a sacrifice during the Rites of Gordobach.

Angel turned the child over as a way to help him gain membership to the Circle of the Black Thorn. Once his seat of power was secured, Angel ordered Spike to rescue the child, and wipe out the entire order. Spike was successful, and the baby is returned to its mother unharmed.

Known members