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It was entirely my choice. I felt I owed it to my career, of course, but mostly to my fans. Now they'll never have to watch this face grow old.
―Felicia Valentine[src]

Felicia Valentine was a famous Hollywood actress, star of the blockbuster Sects in the City, who was transformed into a vampire by Innovation Labs.

Felicia valentine vamp

Felicia in vamp face.

Though she believed she had kept her human soul, she nonetheless gave into her bloodlust the night she announced her transformation on the talk show Olga, in which she fed on the show's eponymous host during what was to be the corporation's public unveiling. With Angel Investigations trying to find their missing leader, Spike seduced and captured Valentine, then took her to Hyperion Hotel where she was interrogated by Connor. After the interrogation was complete, Spike dusted her.

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