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Magick doesn't give us certainty. It gives us possibility. And death is always possible, Angel.

Fee-Fee was an awarded singer and a witch who assisted Angel during his stay in Los Angeles in 2019.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Angel would go to Fee-Fee's home so she would inform him about demon activities that required his attention. She praised his heroism and asked him to keep her company, but he always denied. She also noticed Angel worried about his protegee Helen Chou and wondered if he was doing the right thing including her in this world, but Fee-Fee assured him he had saved her and this was this nature. Fee-Fee offered him that she practiced divination throwing bones, but he claimed he didn't trust magick, although he accepted an artifact that would help him find what he sought.

Angel used the artifact as instructed and found the creature Fee-Fee had indicated, but the events of this hunt ended with Helen's death. He went after Fee-Fee and returned the artifact to her, asking if she knew that would happen to the girl. Fee-Fee responded that magick gave possibilities and death was always one. He told her to continue singing her songs and winning her awards, but to never contact him again. She suggested him to take a break from L.A. and go to Sunnydale, a place he would be able to punish himself and even make friends. He indeed followed her directions, but left with the certainty to only work alone from then on.[1]

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