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Note: This article is about the story. For the doll maker, see Father.

"Father" is a short story from the Tales of the Vampires comic book miniseries. Written by Jane Espenson and illustrated by Jason Alexander, it was originally published on February 11, 2004, by Dark Horse Comics.


A vampire sires Tom Mitchell, a widowed man and father of a young child, Cyrus. After his death, Tom continues to see his son, whom he sometimes takes out at night to the Santa Monica pier.

Tom is present throughout his son's life, until, in 1950, he kills Cyrus' mother-in-law when she tries to keep Tom away from his grandchild. Afterwards, Tom disappears for fifty years.

In 2000, Tom returns to his son, who is now an old man, and begins to take care of him again. Three years later, a Slayer stakes Tom before Cyrus's eyes. Attempting to console the elderly man, the Slayer asks if the vampire was his son.


  • The story takes duration between the years 1922 and 2003.



Organizations and titles[]



  • Los Angeles
    • Hollywood
  • Santa Monica
    • Santa Monica Pier
  • Pasadena


Death count[]

  • One woman, killed by Tom Mitchell in 1930.
  • Tom Mitchell, staked by a Slayer.

Behind the scenes[]



Slayer: "I'm sorry. Was he your son?"