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Family Reunion, Part Three is the thirteenth issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on August 29, 2012, by Dark Horse Comics.


The expedition to Quor'toth has taken an unplanned turn for Angel, Faith, Willow, and Connor. While they struggle to survive the horrors that surround them, they have also taken on a mission to stage a great escape — and not just for themselves! They must act fast, before the effect that this hell dimension is having on their thoughts and emotions overcomes them!


A Connor-worshiper demon leads Angel, Faith, Willow, and Connor to the part of Quor'toth where his brethren are being kept. As they proceed, Faith feels the dimension influencing her and bringing out the worst in her. They are spotted and a fight breaks out. Against Connor's wishes, his worshiper also engages in combat. Connor feels responsible for the suffering of those he inspired, and he realizes Angel feels a similar guilt, which is why he keeps grabbing onto the faintest glimmers of hope and the most unlikely scenarios.

After they defeat the initial batch, they fight more demons. Meanwhile, Faith talks to Angel about his quest to save Giles and how it compares to what Holtz did, concluding that she wishes her father loved her the way Angel loves his son. Willow opens the prison and breaks free the other Connor worshipers. Just as she is about to open a portal to another world for them to escape, Quor'toth, the Old One the dimension is named after appears.

In London, Lavinia and Sophronia are confronted by Whistler, Pearl, and Nash. The sisters were once simultaneously engaged with Nash, but they kept their magical rings after they broke up, which Pearl wants back. Pearl and Nash want to kill the sisters, but Whistler intervenes. Nash scolds him for it, which angers Whistler, who punches both twins hard enough for them to crash into the roof. As dark energy still emanates from him, Whistler tells them to back down because they are on a quest to save the world. The sisters question his plan, and Whistler tells them that, because Angel mucked up the Twilight crisis, he is now taking the matter of evolution into his own hands. He gives them a note with an address of where Angel can find him on "their anniversary."

Quor'toth attacks, but Willow creates a magic dome to protect them. However, while she does that, she cannot open any portals. The Connor worshipers explain that Connor's love and their rebellion have woken the Old One from its slumber. Angel realizes that all the good people have to join hands and touch Willow so she can channel their energy and attack Quor'toth with it. After a little hesitation, she attacks it in full force, which allows them to escape.

They run back to the portal to Earth, but Willow questions if they should go through it, realizing that, if she did, she would not have progressed in her quest. Quor'toth goes after them, and Angel asks Willow to protect them again. Willow realizes they may have a problem, as she is turning dark again.


  • Faith pep-talks Angel by mentioning he is trying to save one guy instead of saving the world, which is progress. Similarly, Buffy came to realize this was what she should do instead (think of "the little guy," not the world) in Guarded, Part Three.
  • Some of Willow's other reasons for wanting magic show through, as she is more worried about being powerless without magic again then the actual safety of the world. Her fear of being helpless and weak again was explored in "Restless" and "Wrecked."



Organizations and titles[]




  • Blood
  • Rings of Narcissus (Only mentioned)
  • Soul (Only mentioned)

Death count[]

  • Six demons, stabbed with a sword by Angel.
  • Three demons, stabbed with an arrow by Faith.
  • Two demons, magically vaporized by Willow.
  • One demon, stoned by a Connor-worshiper demon.
  • Two demons, axed by Connor.

Behind the scenes[]


  • The main and the variant covers connect with each other in one complete scene.


Pop culture references[]

  • Lavinia mentions the department store Harrods.
  • Willow likens the Old One Quor'toth to Godzilla.



Cover artwork[]



Faith: "So all we have to do is get inside... survive... bust your pals out... survive... and get us all to a safe dimension. Alive."
Connor: "This is all my fault. I inspired them to practice love, mercy, and compassion in a world where they're punishable by death. The way time passes here, it's been centuries. How many died because of me? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? No. Don't go down there. Fight. Or lie down and don't get back up. No wonder Angel runs. No wonder he isolates himself. No wonder he grabs for the slimmest hopes. Grand gestures that will never work, hoping to fix everything. I wish he could forget it all. Just let it go. As if I ever could."
Faith: "Y'know what? No. I mean, yeah, you're kinda obsessed. Always have been. But you were ready to chuck your whole quest for your kid. And you've gone months without trying to save the world. You're just trying to save one guy. I mean, sure, he's dead, but... that's kinda progress, right?"
Angel: "Faith. Trust me. Pep talks aren't your thing."
Sophronia: "'Our anniversary'? That's why Angel hasn't hit on me."
Angel: "Willow... you brought us here. To protect you. But this is on you. You came here to get power. Now use it. You have us. You have the Scythe... fully charged, now that we're in the world of magic again. Beat the monster back. Buy us time to run for the rift to Earth. You can do this."
Willow: "I-I can't..."
Angel: "Think about what's at stake!"
Willow: "I am! It's not working!"
Angel: "Then think about what it's like to be powerless. How much you hate it. And ask yourself how that's any different from what you are right now."