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Family Reunion, Part One is the eleventh issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on June 27, 2012, by Dark Horse Comics.


When yet another unexpected visitor shows up on Faith and Angel's doorstep, the pair are pulled into a quest that has the potential to give Angel everything he's been looking for — you know, if they succeed and survive.


Willow enters Faith and Angel's home, saying Andrew told her they needed help, and Angel explains he thought she'd call first. Willow admits this seemed like a "non-call" kind of deal, and she was around anyway due to her quest to restore magic, which took her here. She greets Faith, and Lavinia and Sophie recognize Willow from her time in Giles's country house. Willow is surprised the sisters are here but can see them forgiving murder; however, Lavinia reveals to Willow that Angel is going to bring back Giles.

Angel attempts to explain himself, but Willow says she has figured out his plan to bring Giles back with magic items linked to key events in his life, and he was holding the Scythe when he died. Willow tells Angel he's being stupid, reckless, selfish, and delusional if he thinks this will end in anything other than a disaster. Angel begins to ask if she told Buffy, and Willow says Buffy's been dealing with her own problems, and she didn't want to bring back bad memories to Buffy about her own resurrection. Angel points out Willow was the one who resurrected Buffy, but she argues she brought Buffy back from a magical death when magic still existed and had no idea how much suffering it would cause everyone, especially Buffy. Angel asks if she regrets bringing Buffy back, and Willow says she never has, but she isn't sure if Buffy would say the same.

Angel asks if Willow came all this way to criticize him, but Willow says that as bad as she thinks it is she'll help him bring back Giles because she needs his help to bring magic back. Willow explains she needs to go to a dimension that still has magic; all the portals are closed, but Quor'toth can be accessed by a tear in reality. She intends to use the Scythe to do that but needs something steeped in the essence of Quor'toth as a compass, which is why she needs Connor. Willow asks Angel if he can help convince his son to help her. Faith says Angel and Connor aren't exactly on good terms; Connor has finally stopped calling altogether after Angel kept ignoring them, and they don't even know where he is. However, Angel reveals Connor is in school, has a girlfriend, and is happy, which he knows because he has someone to check up on. Faith asks why Angel didn't tell her any of this, but Angel says it is a family matter.

Angel argues that Willow expects him to go to the son he's never been there for and ruin his life by sending him back to a hell dimension because of "a wild goose chase," remarking he can't believe he was ashamed to see her. Willow slaps him and declares that everything that has happened is his fault; he always goes down any road that might redeem him and does not worry about the consequences of his actions until it's too late. She insists the world is empty and worsening, and she's the only one who admits it's dying. Willow begins to cry as she declares there's nothing more important than her saving the world. Angel says he will take her to his son, but makes it clear it will be Connor's choice.

Angel warns that Quor'toth is a dangerous dimension, but Willow reassures him she won't stay there long and hoped Angel would protect her while she soaks up the magic in exchange for Giles' essence from the Scythe. She says they both need help and are trying to do something that everyone else thinks is crazy, but they can't do it alone and can resent each other later. Angel says he'll make arrangements and they'll leave tomorrow. Once Angel leaves, Faith tells Willow there's someone she'd like her to see.

Nadira fights alone against five zompires, frustrated they don't say anything. Faith appears and helps her stake them, explaining that zompires are a feral new breed. Nadira says she shouldn't expect her to thank her, and Faith admits what she offered her was stupid and wrong, but she's not here to talk about that. Willow steps out of the car and Nadira gets emotional, introducing herself as someone Willow saved after her squad was slaughtered, but Willow recognizes her from the Azores and hugs her. Later, Faith tells Nadira she will go away for a while but it doesn't mean she's giving up on finding Pearl and Nash. Nadira says Willow already told her it was important but warns there are rumors they are planning something and she won't stop her search during Faith's absence. Faith advises her not to slay alone and keep her in the loop.

On their way home, Faith asks if Willow can talk Nadira out of killing Angel, and Willow says they should stick with easier stuff like resurrections and restoring magic. Faith says Nadira is a good kid but has too many issues, and Willow teases that Nadira is just like Faith was. Faith asks if there's a chance Angel can bring Giles back, and Willow explains it could maybe work if magic was still around and for someone as immersed in magic as Giles was, but magic always has a price; however, without magic, Angel will probably just fail. Willow says she is helping Angel because he has Faith to stop him if things get bad. Willow asks Faith's opinion, and she admits she's been annoyed by Angel not only hiding things from her, but he seems not to care when she asks about Giles coming back as a zombie or his soul becomes stuck in a rotting body, which gives her the impression that Angel is doing it for himself, not Giles. Willow admits she's not an example of using magic responsibly, but argues she is doing it for the world, not her.

Back in Faith's house, Angel, Willow, and Faith pack to the airport, and Lavinia and Sophie reassure them they will be fine alone. In the international airport in Los Angeles, Angel and Willow talk about Twilight, and he explains he was going to bring everyone over there after creating it. They soon meet Gunn, who greets them and takes them to his car. Angel asks how the others in L.A. are, and Gunn informs him he still can't track Illyria, Kate is back with the L.A.P.D heading the new Supernatural Crimes Unit, he doesn't have to tell him about Lorne, and he would reveal Nina got married. Gunn then stops and points Connor getting out of class and saying goodbye his girlfriend. Angel begins to have second thoughts, but Willow says he can't back out of it now. Suddenly, Connor lands on top of the car, having seen them for afar.

At a street market, Connor tells Angel he figured his father needed space and decided to leave him alone, but now he is confused at his sudden visit. Angel apologizes and explains Connor's life is better without him and he couldn't be prouder of him. Gunn, Willow, and Faith watch as father and son hug. In a bar, Faith talks to Willow and Gunn about how having kids makes people crazy. In another table, Connor tells Angel he is right; he does have a great life here, but Angel doesn't have to hide from him. As Angel gets up for more drinks, Faith goes to him and warns him not to sacrifice Connor to bring Giles back, and that she's here to make sure he's doing the right thing. Angel insists Connor won't be sacrificed and tells Faith he had to stop her from choking her father not long ago, so she shouldn't be giving him parenting advice.

Angel asks Willow to talk to her, but Connor says he knows about the plan to go to Quor'toth and has decided to come along and help save the world. Angel objects, but Willow points out that he said it was his choice. Angel pleads with Gunn to help him, but Gunn claims he doesn't mess with family disputes. Faith guesses that falls under the category of "parenting advice." Angel argues that Quor'toth is dangerous, but Connor says he was there as a kid, and now he will have his father.

In the Hyperion Hotel, Willow uses the Scythe to cut a large symbol on Connor's chest as he screams in pain. Gunn and Faith hold Angel back, explaining that breaking the circle would be a bad idea. Willow says she didn't know it would be like this, but Connor her reassures he's fine. Willow finally says the incantation and the place lights up with the tear to Quor'toth. Gunn agrees to stand guard outside and each grabs their weapons. As they turn to the entrance, Angel calls Connor to see where his son grew up.


  • Willow knows Lavinia and Sophronia, having met them (off-screen) during her rehabilitation with Giles from "Lessons" to "Same Time, Same Place."
  • Faith and Willow recognize Connor after meeting him in "Salvage" and "Orpheus," respectively.
  • Willow and Angel mention Buffy's resurrection in "Bargaining, Part One" and all of the subsequent pain and suffering it caused the Scoobies.
  • Despite her belief that Tara would still be alive if she had not resurrected Buffy, as Willow admitted in Anywhere but Here, she insists that, regardless of all of the things that negatively impacted them as a result, she has never regretted bringing Buffy back for a second.
  • Willow claims she is not looking to bring magic back for selfish reasons. In Family Reunion, Part Three, she admits she also mostly aims to have her power back to not be weak anymore.
  • Willow tells Faith she believes Giles' resurrection will fail, but, even if it didn't, it would still have consequences. Giles will resurrect, but at the price of being stuck in his twelve year old body (What You Want, Not What You Need, Part Two).
  • Willow confronts Angel over abandoning everyone except him and Buffy on a higher plane in Twilight, Part Three, and Angel doesn't understand why so many people think this, as Harmony said the same in In Perfect Harmony.
  • When arguing with Faith, Angel points out he had to stop her from choking her own father not that long ago in Daddy Issues, Part Three.
  • Illyria's whereabouts are confirmed to be in Los Angeles in Welcome to the Team, Part One.



Organizations and titles[]




Death count[]

  • Three zompires, staked by Nadira.
  • Two zompires, staked by Faith.

Behind the scenes[]


Pop culture references[]

  • Willow apparently visited Stonehenge during her quest to restore magic, saying it is "now just a pile of rocks" with the end of magic.
  • Faith describes Nadira as "having more issues than Sports Illustrated."
  • Lavinia and Sophronia decide to find the English singer Morissey at one of his concerts.
  • Upon reuniting with Angel, Gunn comments he looks "like Ed Hardy exploded on him."



Cover artwork[]



Angel: "You want me to find the son I've never been there for and ruin the life he's built. Ask him to go back to the hell he grew up in because of me. For some wild goose chase. Something that's not even possible. Here I was ashamed to see you."
Willow: "Don't you dare. Don't you dare try to say I'm like you! This is all your fault! Thinking you can fix things! Running blindly down any road that might lead to redemption! And you're doing it again! Never worrying about the consequences until it's too late! You've ruined everything, Angel!!"
Willow: "Can't you see what were missing? How empty the world is? There hasn't been a decent song, movie or book, since we lost the seed! Suicide rates are spiking! All over the world people are losing hope! It's just starting! It only gets worse from here! The world's dying and nobody will admit it! I need to save it. There's nothing more important. Why doesn't anyone understand...?"
Willow: "I know I'm not the poster child for using magic responsibly, but the two situations are totally different. Earth's lost something essential. Because of what Buffy and Angel did. I'm trying to fix it. No matter what comes of that, doing nothing is worse. We can't wait 'till things get really bad, because then it'll be too late. This is to help the world. Not me. They're not the same thing at all."
Willow: "So, you create this whole new universe and leave everyone else to die. Including us and your son."
Angel: "No! Why does everyone have such a hard time getting this? Once we'd given the Twilight universe form, I was going to bring everyone else over!"
Willow: "Buffy never mentioned you saying that."
Angel: "You ever try finishing a sentence when Buffy's worked up?"
Willow: "Oh, that is sexist. And funny. And so very, very true."
Gunn: "Ladies. You look as lovely as ever. Angel. You look like Ed Hardy exploded on you."
Angel: "It's to keep the sun off. I had a trench coat and fedora, but Faith said I looked like a flasher."
Faith: "From the fifties."