"Family Reunion" is the third volume of Angel & Faith Season Nine trade paperbacks, collecting issues eleven to fifteen of the comic book series.


Angel’s quest to resurrect Giles has brought an old friend to London — Willow! Tensions run high as these two confront the loss of Giles, but before blood can be shed, Willow has a proposition. She’ll help Angel on his quest if he’ll help her find magic. To do that, she’ll need Connor to get them into Quor'toth, a hell dimension where magic runs deep.[1]



Behind the Scenes


  • Cover gallery and sketchbook.

International Titles

  • French: Réunion de Famille (Family Reunion)
  • German: Familienbande (Family Ties)
  • Italian: Riunione di Famiglia (Family Reunion)
  • Spanish: Reunión Familiar (Family Reunion)


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