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Family Reunion is the third volume of the Angel & Faith trade paperbacks, collecting issues eleven to fifteen of the comic book series. It was originally published on April 17, 2013, by Dark Horse Comics.


Angel's quest to resurrect Giles has brought an old friend to London — Willow! Tensions run high as these two confront the loss of Giles, but before blood can be shed, Willow has a proposition. She'll help Angel on his quest if he'll help her find magic. To do that, she'll need Connor to get them into Quor'toth, a hell dimension where magic runs deep.[1]


Behind the scenes[]


  • The collection also features a cover gallery and sketchbook.


  • Family Reunion was the 53rd best selling graphic novel in its publishing month, with 1,787 sales in April 2013 at comic specialty stores.[2]

International titles[]

  • French: Réunion de Famille (Family Reunion)
  • German: Familienbande (Family Ties)
  • Italian: Riunione di Famiglia (Family Reunion)
  • Spanish (Spain): Reunión Familiar (Family Reunion)