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Faith: “This is a thing of beauty, Boss.
The Mayor: “Cost a pretty penny, so you just take good care of it. And be careful you don't put somebody's eye out with that thing. Until I tell you to.
— Faith and Wilkins on the knife[src]

Faith Lehane owned a knife given by Richard Wilkins.


After receiving this gift from her new boos, Faith used the knife to cut off the hand of the dead unidentified courier, which held the Box of Gavrok. She eventually lost it when killing one of the spiders from the box.[1]

Buffy Summers, having retrieved the knife, used it to stab the rogue Slayer during their fight in Faith's apartment.[2] Later, she also used it to lure the Mayor, who had Ascended into the embodiment of the demon Olvikan, into a trap within Sunnydale High School library.[3]

In the next year, when Faith was about to wake up from her coma, she dreamed of Buffy keeping the knife where she had stabbed her, interrupting Faith’s picnic with the Mayor to kill him with the knife, then going after Faith while wielding the bloody weapon.[4]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The knife was designed by Kit Rae for Gil Hibben in 1998 and released in 1999 under the name “Jackal”.[5] According to the DVD extras, it was chosen randomly out of a catalog. The same knife is also used in film Star Trek: Nemesis (2002).
  • The design of this knife is so popular that there have been at least two "knock-off" reproductions of it out of China, one unlabeled and another renamed "The Wolf". These knives are easily distinguished from a genuine Jackal however due to their smaller size (the genuine Jackal is 14" in length) and their handles being two different colors of base metal.


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