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Faith. Her name alone invokes awe. 'Faith'. A set of principles or beliefs upon which you're willing to devote your life. The Dark Slayer. A lethal combination of beauty, power, and death.
Andrew Wells[src]

Faith Lehane was a Slayer called in 1998[2] and the last one to be called by the original succession line abolished in 2003.[9] Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Faith had a difficult upbringing and life, which left her with various trust and emotional issues. Though she found some stability with her Watcher, the woman was murdered by the vampire Kakistos and Faith retreated to Sunnydale, where she became a friend and ally of Buffy Summers and the Scooby Gang.[2]

However, numerous events and circumstances took a toll on Faith's better judgment and she defected to the side of the evil Mayor Richard Wilkins,[10] helping him to carry out his Ascension, able to find the stable father figure she always wanted. On the day before the climactic Graduation Day battle, Faith was critically injured by Buffy and put in a coma,[3] from which she awakened eight months later.[6] She proceeded to wreak even more havoc in Buffy's life and then attempted to kill Angel in Los Angeles as part of a deal with Wolfram & Hart. However, this was a ruse by Faith in order to get Angel to kill her instead as Faith had actually become remorseful of her past deeds and wanted to end her life.[11] Nevertheless, with help from Angel, she came to terms with her past and willingly surrendered herself to the L.A.P.D. to face the consequences of her actions.[12]

Three years later, Faith busted out of prison to assist Angel Investigations in containing the recently released Angelus,[5] subsequently returning to Sunnydale with Willow Rosenberg after Angel was re-ensouled[13] to assist the Scoobies in their battle against the First Evil and its army.[14] Furthermore, Faith was appointed the leader of the Scoobies after they lost confidence in Buffy's leadership,[15] only for Buffy to be accepted back as the leader when Faith's first plan led herself and several Potentials into a near-fatal trap.[16] After the First was defeated and multiple Potential Slayers were activated worldwide,[9] Faith initially stationed herself with the new Slayer Organization's Cleveland squad,[17] until she joined forces with Rupert Giles to prevent more Slayers from going rogue.[18]

After the ensuing Twilight crisis and the end of magic, which also resulted in Giles' death, Faith was bequeathed with all of Giles' property and possessions in accordance with his will.[19] She stationed herself in London, where she continued to assist a London Slayer squad, while working alongside Angel to tend to Giles' unfinished business.[20] Faith decided to stick by Angel when he wanted to resurrect Giles,[21] and the three fought against Whistler's plan to "save" the world while destroying millions of people. Faith then decided to leave Angel and London behind, needing time on her own to sort out her life.[22]

She worked some time assisting the Slayer company Deepscan in several missions[23][24][25] and helped Angel in his new team with the Magic Town in London.[26] Faith was eventually summoned in San Francisco and rejoined the Scoobies in dealing with the government's Safe Zones.[27] She participated of the battle of the Reckoning by their side, then joined the police academy along with Buffy, in order to become police officers of the supernatural division.[28]


Early life[]

When I was a kid, I used to beg my mom for a dog. Didn't matter what kind. I just wanted, you know, something to love. A dog's all I wanted. Well, that and toys. But Mom was so busy, you know, enjoying the drinking and passing out parts of life, that I never really got what I wanted.
―Faith Lehane[src]

Faith was born in South Boston, Massachusetts,[2] to alcoholic mother[17] and father.[29] Her mother used to read her Dr. Seuss's Oh, the Places You'll Go! before bed. "Nights she was sober enough, anyway."[17] Her father, Pat Lehane, was often absent during Faith's life, and always owing money to an Irish mob led by "Handsome" Jimmy Mulligan. Faith used to wear her father's Drew Bledsoe jersey from the New England Patriots.[30]

When she was a kid, Faith and other children used to swim and jump off the rock of a quarry a couple of miles outside of Boston. She was the only only who would jump off a rock forty feet up, while the older kids were too scared to do so.[3] In high school, Faith didn't have any real friends and later dropped out.[2]

Becoming the Slayer[]

On May 12, 1998, upon the death of Kendra Young, Faith obtained full power, becoming a Slayer.[31]

Faith experienced a number of memorable battles and events as a Slayer and gained a Watcher to aid her. She described once being arrested after killing three vampires who slaughtered an entire bus full of Baptists leading to a preacher hugging her, despite her being in the nude due to the temperature being one hundred eighteen degrees. Another noteworthy tale included her encounter with a large, male vampire in Missouri who owned alligators as pets, forcing her to wrestle with one of them. According to Faith, it was her toughest kill. However, at some point, Faith ran into the vampire Kakistos, who murdered her Watcher. Unable to face him, Faith left Boston.[2]

Buffy's ally[]

This girl has rather a lot of zest.
Rupert Giles.[src]
B3x03 Faith 02

Faith as she first arrives in Sunnydale.

Faith arrived to Sunnydale during the start of Buffy's senior year. Buffy met Faith after witnessing her kill a vampire that she lured in an alleyway by the Bronze nightclub which Buffy and her friends were patronizing. Buffy's friends quickly warmed to Faith along with her Watcher Rupert Giles and mother Joyce, and Faith claimed her Watcher was currently at the Watchers Retreat in England so she came to Sunnydale in hopes of comparing notes to the "infamous Buff." As Kakistos followed Faith into Sunnydale, Faith revealed to Buffy what happened to her Watcher and was reduced to fear at facing her Watcher's killer. However, Faith managed to overcome this with the help of Buffy and finally killed Kakistos.[2]

Faith felt like an outsider in Buffy's world even though she initially endeared herself to Buffy's mother and friends. Buffy resented Faith for "trying to take her life from her" in Faith's first days in Sunnydale, though the two reconciled after the dusting of Kakistos. Buffy, who was still recovering from the trauma of killing Angel, maintained emotional distance from Faith, and the Scoobies not inviting Faith to Buffy's intervention after their discovery of Angel's resurrection[32] further contributed to a feeling of alienation from the group. Although she disapproved of Faith's carefree attitude toward violence, Buffy still trusted Faith enough to leave her to protect her mother at Christmas[33] and was even shown being attracted by Faith's wilder way of Slaying[34] as the two, through slaying, began to grow closer.

Amends Buffy Faith

Buffy and Faith grow closer despite initial animosities.

Faith's trust issues and isolation heightened when her new Watcher, Gwendolyn Post, gained and abused her trust to obtain the Glove of Myhnegon; which led to Faith almost killing Angel and led to an all-out fight with Buffy.[32]

Later, Faith took Buffy on a whirlwind tour of her way of slaying, ditching school to attack vampire nest during the day, dancing at the Bronze while attracting the attention of several men, and escaping arrest after being caught stealing weapons at a sports store. This eventually climaxed when Faith accidentally killed a human being, Deputy Mayor Allan Finch, an act that caused her to withdraw into denial.[34]

When it became clear that Buffy intended to reveal what had happened, unable to handle the guilt, Faith told Watcher Rupert Giles that Buffy had killed Finch. Giles immediately discerned Faith's lie, but played along to avoid pushing Faith too far. Xander (with whom Faith had recently had sex) arrived to Faith's motel room to reason with her, but she did not respond well: she nearly sexually assaulted him while strangling him. Angel arrived in time and took Faith to his home to try to reason with her, but just when it seemed that he was getting through to her, Faith's new Watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, broke into the mansion and arrested Faith with the help of a special ops team sent by the Watchers Council. She was briefly captured, but attacked them inside their armored car and escaped.[10]

Working for the Mayor[]

You know, I come to Sunnydale. I'm the Slayer. I do my job kicking ass better than anyone. What do I hear about everywhere I go? Buffy. So I slay, I behave, I do the good little girl routine. And who's everybody thank? Buffy.
Choices Wilkins Faith

Faith sides with the Mayor against the Scoobies.

Isolated and bitter, she secretly turned to current Big Bad, the Mayor Richard Wilkins, filling the void of his "right hand man" that was left by the death of the vampire Mister Trick, whom Faith had recently killed when he had been sent to kill her.[10] Though she initially functioned as a double agent, rejoining the Scoobies and undergoing tests issued by the Watchers Council while feeding the Mayor information,[35] her betrayal was revealed through an elaborate plan concocted by Buffy, Giles, and Angel, who had grown suspicious of her. As her true loyalties were revealed, Faith descended still further in her slide to isolation and betrayal.[36]

Faith and Mayor Wilkins developed an affectionate, emotional closeness. The Mayor genuinely felt a father's love for the fatherless Faith and provided her with a new apartment, reinforcing her loyalties to him.[35] While serving Mayor Wilkins undercover, she killed a smuggler and a bookseller demon.[36] Later, Faith kidnapped Buffy's best friend Willow and wanted to kill her; Willow boldly stood up to her, telling her that, despite her rough life, she had a lot working with the Scoobies, and now that she was working for the Mayor, she was alone, friendless, and a "big, selfish, worthless waste."[37] Later, under the Mayor's orders, Faith murdered Lester Worth, a geology professor who had valuable information related to the Mayor's ascension.[3]

Faith stabbed

Faith gets gutted by Buffy.

In order to distract Buffy, Faith shot Angel with an arrow coated with the Killer of the Dead, a poison specifically designed to kill vampires. The only antidote was the blood of a Slayer, and Buffy visited Faith's apartment to apparently take her, dead or alive, intending to give Faith to Angel so he could drain Faith's blood, but Buffy only managed to stab Faith in the abdomen with her own knife, a gift from Mayor Wilkins. Taking advantage of Buffy's shock of stabbing her, Faith jumped from the apartment building roof onto a moving truck and escaped.[3] However, their fight left Faith in a coma, with doctors claiming that she would never come out of it. After saving Angel from death, Buffy and Faith, both unconscious manifested a psychic link through their powers and dreams, the first of which Faith reminded Buffy that even as a pure demon, Wilkins had a human weakness that would never go away, which she would exploit to lure the Mayor into a final trap. Faith was also the first to give Buffy a cryptic message about the arrival of Dawn Summers.[38]

After the coma[]

I know what it's like. You think you matter, you think you're a part of something, and you get dumped. It's like the world's still moving, but you're stuck. Like those animals in the tar pits. You're sinking a little deeper every day, and nobody even sees!

Faith goes after Buffy as soon as she wakes up.

Eventually, Faith regained consciousness months later. After learning what had happened while she was comatose, she confronted Buffy and Willow on the UC Sunnydale campus where Buffy was studying. Faith was angry at Buffy's attempt to sacrifice her to Angel, and even more so when she found out that Buffy wasn't even with him anymore. After a brief fight, Faith escaped from the approaching police officers who had come to arrest her.[6]

Faith was devastated further upon hearing about the death of Mayor Wilkins. However, Wilkins left with a magical device that allowed her to swap bodies with someone else so she could restart her life. Faith attacked Buffy's mother at her house and held her hostage. As Buffy was about to win the ensuing battle, Faith used the magical device to swap bodies with Buffy.[6]

Buffy, in Faith's body, was kidnapped by the Watchers Council Special Ops team to be taken to England, while Faith (as Buffy) planned to flee the country. Tara Maclay realized something was wrong and told Willow. In the meantime, Faith flirted with the vampire Spike, and slept with Buffy's then boyfriend Riley Finn without him knowing her real identity, and discovered what it was like to be surrounded by loving friends and family. She was torn between her desire to flee and her sense of duty to rescue a group of churchgoers taken hostage by vampires. When she chose to save the hostages, Faith also encountered Buffy, who arrived on the scene with the same intentions. Buffy arrived in time to stake the last vampire and the two Slayers entered combat once more. During their confrontation, she savagely beat her own body, physically and verbally expressing her self-loathing. With Tara and Willow's help, Buffy managed to undo the body switch, and Faith fled Sunnydale by hopping on a freight train.[7] Her meddling also left a problem in Buffy and Riley's relationship which was later resolved in an altered universe.[39]

Angel's assassin[]


Faith attempts to assassinate Angel.

In Los Angeles, Faith was approached by a pimp, Dick, and proceeded to beat him up and rob him. Faith rampaged through the city, causing a fight to break out at a nightclub and squatting in her victims' apartments. Faith was approached by Lindsey McDonald, Lilah Morgan and Lee Mercer from the evil law firm Wolfram & Hart, who had learned that a "rogue Slayer" was in town, and hired her to kill Angel in exchange for having all of the criminal charges against her in Sunnydale dropped and along with a desirable pay cheque. Faith was open with her confrontation to Angel, seemingly trying to kill him in public at an office building and approaching him at his detective agency.[11]

Faith further demonstrated her "evil" side to Angel by kidnapping Wesley and torturing him, wanting to go through various forms of torture such as blunt, sharp, cold, hot and loud though showed no enjoyment of it. Angel came to the rescue and a vicious fight between him and Faith broke out. During the whole event, Faith insisted that he kill her because she was "bad." Angel repeatedly refused, and Faith eventually broke down crying, begging Angel to kill her, as it had been her plan all along.[11]


I gotta be the first Slayer in history to be sponsored by a vampire.
Sanctuary Buffy Angel Faith 02

Angel grants Faith protection, even from Buffy.

Angel began the task of saving Faith's soul, forgiving her and working to break down her emotional walls. He let her stay at his apartment where she was then attacked by a demonic assassin sent by Wolfram & Hart. Faith managed to kill the assassin but, staring down at her bloody hands, she then almost collapsed. Just as Faith began to feel remorse for her crimes, Buffy arrived, looking for revenge. In the meantime, the Watchers Council also showed up, intending to kill Faith, and Kate Lockley also came to Angel's apartment after learning from Lindsey McDonald that she was in Angel's custody. After Buffy and Angel saved her, Faith decided to surrender to the police and face the consequences for her actions.[12]

Faith was convicted for two counts of murder and received a life sentence, of which she'd serve at least twenty-five years. She found some level of stability in her prison life, noting that at least she had three meals a day and an occasional movie.[14] Although capable of escaping at any time and having developed a reputation among both the guards and her fellow prisoners as a force not to be trifled with, the penitent Faith chose to cooperate with the terms of her confinement, and was periodically visited by Angel. Though, she was once attacked by a fellow prisoner with a shiv attempting to build her reputation, but Faith refrained from killing the girl, instead only breaking her wrist.[4]

Escape from prison[]

I'm not gonna kill him, Wesley. Angelus. I don't care what you thought you sprung me for. Angel's the only one in my life who's never given up on me. There's no way I'm giving up on—
Salvage Angel Faith 02

Faith taking on Angelus.

Faith was attacked by a fellow prisoner named Debbie, an agent of the First Evil in prison; although Buffy and the Scooby Gang in Sunnydale were aware of the threat of the First's Harbingers of Death attempting to wipe out the Slayer line, they had neglected to warn Faith of the danger, believing that she would be safe in prison. Soon after, she was visited by Wesley who informed her that Angel had once again lost his soul and become the ruthless Angelus while Los Angeles was rendered into an eternal night due to the Beast, a powerful demon. Without hesitation, Faith broke out of prison, easily taking out the its guards and breaking through one of its windows, determined to save Angel, the one person who never gave up on her. Arriving in L.A., she easily slayed the first couple of vampires she had come across since being jailed, remarking it was "just like riding a biker."[5]

Word got out about her presence in L.A. while she quickly took initiative by setting up a hunting party consisting of herself as leader, Wesley, Charles Gunn and Angel's son Connor. During their outing, a vampire ambushed the group and Connor staked it before anyone could confirm if it was Angelus or not. After having already warned Connor at the hotel that she was in charge and it was a salvage mission, not a kill, Faith challenged Connor about his continuing intent to kill Angelus. Connor started fighting with Faith in a seeming attempt to show off his prowess, but she dominated him in the fight and pointed him with a crossbow. She sent him back to the hotel since she no longer trusted him to follow through with her plan.[5]

She confronted the Beast and fought him while Angelus watched from the sidelines, commentating. Despite her Slayer powers, Faith's efforts were no match for the near-invulnerable Beast who beat her badly. However, before he could harm her any more, the Beast was killed when Angelus stabbed him with his own bone, bringing back the sun, much to Angelus' own displeasure.[5] Angelus then moved in for the kill, but Faith managed to break open the window above her, surrounding and protecting herself with sunlight.[40]

Orpheus Wesley Faith Angel

Faith after saving Angel.

Having completely recovered, Faith and Wesley set out to find Angelus, hitting several demon business to do so. When finding him, she battled and defeated Angelus. When she refused to kill him, he regained the upper hand and bit her.[40] Unbeknownst to Angelus, Faith had injected herself with a powerful mystical drug known as Orpheus, that incapacitated both of them. While Willow worked on a spell to restore Angel's soul, Faith and Angelus astral projected into Angel's subconscious. The drug almost killed Faith who accepted her fate, but during the mental link with Angel and Angelus, she was persuaded by Angel not to give up, because for them, the act of atonement never ended.[13]

Re-joining the Scoobies[]

After Angel's re-ensoulment, Faith left with Willow to return to Sunnydale to help Buffy and her allies battle the First Evil. Like Angel, Faith switches from a more "passive" redemption to an "active" redemption. Rather than remaining in jail, out of society, she chooses to help fight "the good fight" and make the world better.[13]

Chosen Faith 01

Faith reluctantly leading the Potential Slayers.

She initially followed Buffy's command even though she had some doubts about Buffy's decision-making skills. Buffy was less than enthusiastic about Faith's return, but recognized that reinforcements are desperately needed, and Faith showed dedication to being "one of the good guys."[14] After a botched attempt to fight the First's minion Caleb, the Scoobies and Potential Slayers lost confidence in Buffy's leadership and appointed a reluctant Faith as their leader over her, as they preferred to be under her freer wing as she took them to the Bronze, despite encountering a group of corrupt police officers.[15]

This decision, however, literally blew up in their faces when Faith's first plan ends up leading them right into a trap,[16] leaving many girls, including Faith herself, critically injured. However, Buffy arrived and saved them from a Turok-Han attack, once again becoming the undisputed leader. When the Potentials complained about Faith's decision, stating that they believed that God had punished them for shunning Buffy and following Faith, Buffy defended her, and she and Buffy finally made peace, noting that the friction in their relationship was perhaps due to the fact that under normal circumstances, two fully-activated Slayers were never supposed to co-exist.[41] During her stay in Sunnydale before the final battle at the Hellmouth, Faith had a brief sexual tryst with ally Robin Wood, the son of Slayer Nikki Wood. After (jokingly) shunning Faith's sexual experience, Robin dares Faith to let him surprise her, an act he accomplishes by surviving the battle.[9]

Slayer social worker[]

But there are gonna be other gigs out there. If I stopped stabbing and started, I don't know… playing social worker to the slayers. Maybe I could help walk a few bad girls from the brink.

Faith as Hope Lyonne.

A year and a half after the destruction of Sunnydale, Faith remained in touch with Robin, who led a squad of new Slayers in Cleveland, calling on Faith to perform slayings that would be considered disturbing. By this time, she had attempted to purchase a forged passport on two separate occasions. Giles approached Faith and struck up a deal: if she would assassinate Lady Genevieve Savidge, a rogue Slayer who had been killing other Slayers and could potentially bring about the apocalypse, Giles would arrange for Faith to relocate permanently to any country of her choosing, with the promise of never having to resume Slayer duties.[17]

To get close to Savidge, Giles educated Faith in British formal etiquette and taught her how to speak with a British accent.[17] Under the disguise of British aristocrat Hope Lyonne, Faith befriended Savidge, whom she nicknamed "Gigi." Trusting "Hope," Gigi revealed she was a follower of Twilight and planned to kill Buffy,[1] making Faith resent Giles for risking her life just to protect "his golden girl"; at this point, he had also lost contact with Faith. The plan began to go awry when Buffywas summoned from her Scotland headquarters by Roden, an Irish warlock and Gigi's mentor, for Gigi to kill. They fought, but when Buffy gained the upper hand on Gigi, Faith tackled Buffy out the window, blowing her cover in the process.[42]


Faith vs. Buffy yet again.

Buffy assumed that Faith had switched sides again, and Faith nearly drowned her in a swimming pool in a fit of rage but stop herself. After Buffy was teleported back to Scotland by Willow, Gigi attacked Faith for her betrayal.[42] Faith saw her relationship with the Mayor on how Gigi might had fell for Roden; although, in the ensuing battle, Faith accidentally killed Gigi. Faith begged Roden to heal Gigi, but he refused, saying that Faith should be his new Slayer and better than Savidge. He said that together they could make Buffy disappear forever, and told Faith of a "promised clemency from the coming purge" of Twilight if he killed her. Faith refused, and Roden attacked her, but Giles arrived in time to kill him and save Faith.[18]

The following morning, Giles handed Faith her passport out of the country. She accepted but renounced her plans for retirement. She stated that there were more slayers out there like Gigi and herself, and she believed she could help them walk over from the path they were on, likening herself to a "Slayer social worker." Giles agreed with the idea and decided to be Faith's partner in this, given that he and Buffy weren't on speaking terms anymore.[18]


Faith and Giles work together in Hanselstadt.

While helping a young stray Slayer named Courtney, Giles and Faith heard of a "Slayer Sanctuary" in Hanselstadt, Germany. There, Giles encountered the former Watcher Duncan Fillworthe, who claimed vampires did not dare to enter the town because they knew it contained an army of Slayers. As Giles argued a stalemate was not a solution to the vampire problem, Duncan revealed that in fact the town was feeding the Slayers to a demon, and the fear of the demon was what really kept the vampires away. Giles went to warn Faith as Duncan stated this was the fate that Slayers deserved for rejecting the Watchers Council. Giles found her already in combat with the demon, who fed on her guilt for letting a vampire escape during one of her earlier patrols. The demon devoured Duncan while Giles saved Courtney, and Faith killed the demon. The stalemate ended, Giles and Faith rallied the reluctant townspeople against the coming vampires, telling them, if they wanted to live, they would have to fight.[43]

Seeking refuge from Twilight's followers, Faith, Giles, and the rest of the Slayer Organization gathered in Tibet,[44] where Faith and Buffy reconciled once again, and their powers were temporarily stripped in order to better hide themselves.[45] Faith, Giles, and Andrew were eventually captured by the masked Twilight leader[46] and became the first ones to discover his true identity: Angel.[47]

During the Twilight crisis, in which this new dimension was born and began taking over Earth, Faith participated of the ensuing battle at the ruins of Sunnydale, fighting hordes of placenturian demons who intended to take over the then expendable Earth. Meanwhile, in a chamber underground, Giles was murdered by a possessed Angel and Buffy destroyed the Seed of Wonder, effectively causing the end of magic.[48] In his will, Giles left Faith all of his belongings, savings, and property. Faith immediately took to this, but with a catatonic Angel residing with her, reasoning that her understanding of redemption meant she was the only person who could tolerate him at that point.[19]

Life in London[]

He thinks he can fix the worst thing he ever did. I convince him he's wrong, I take away his reason to exist. But what's my Plan B? Walk away? Or ride shotgun on his crazy train? I just got my life back together. What happens when he goes off the rails? Except he was there for my crash and burns. Pulling me from the rails when everyone else was toasting marshmallows. What kind of friend would I be if I wasn’t there for his?
―Faith deciding to support Angel[src]

Angel and Faith team up in London.

After Giles' death, Faith got her life together in London, where she took a group of Slayers under her wing and cared for Angel as he succumbed to guilt. In an attempt to help him recover, she began reading him Giles' Watchers Diaries, which followed the events of his life in great detail. After Angel heard about a little girl who was being used as a host by a demon, he suddenly recuperated and went with Faith to deal with the demon. Faith went to a club with a group of Slayers, and one of them, Nadira, told her about the death of her Slayer squad at the hands of a pair of half-demons named Pearl and Nash, who had been working for the masked Twilight — Angel. Nadira expressed an intense desire to kill him, and Faith kept a secret that she was living with him.[20]

That night, Angel divulged his desire to bring Giles back from the dead,[20] working with Giles' soul rather than his body. Though Faith still didn't think it was entirely possible to resurrect Giles, she understood that his new goal was the only thing keeping him going, and, wanting to be there for him, she agreed to help. Angel's research into using Mohra demon's Blood of Eternity to resurrect Giles was cut short when they discover that, without magic in the world, using the Mohra blood had disastrous consequences. Despite this, Angel resolved to continue his search to find a way to bring back Giles, assuring Faith that he was grateful for her presence as she provided him with the one thing he lacked as Twilight; a friend that he trusted to tell him when he was going too far.[49]


Faith faces Drusilla in power of a Lorophage demon.

While investigating rumored vampire attacks that could also be attributed to a Lorophage demon, capable of absorbing trauma from its victims, Faith discovered information about a rumored vampire cult leader known as Mother Superior. While they discovered that Mother Superior was a then sane Drusilla, local Slayers were contacted by Faith's father, Pat Lehane.[50] Faith rebuffed him at first, despite his claims that he'd changed and was then sober, but she eventually invited him inside her home.[30]

They talked about the many possessions in the flat, and Pat revealed he knew Faith was a Slayer and confessed his desire to have a new start with her. However, Pat had only come to Faith to ask for her help in getting him out of financial trouble after he made various deals with crime bosses. He asked Faith to kill them, and Faith and Angel attempted to pay off the debt; the boss refused to abandon such a potentially lucrative source of income. Faith cut off the man's hand to defend Angel, and she was left troubled by her difficult relationships with her father figures.[30] Faith returned to Drusilla to get rid of her pain, but soon Angel convinced her the loss of her pain deprived her of the strength she had gained. Angel forced the Lorophage demon to feed on itself, expelling the trauma that it had absorbed and returning it to its victims.[51]

Faith and Angel dealt with the arrivals of Giles's great-aunts, Lavinia and Sophie, as well as Willow.[52] Seeking a way to restore magic to the world, Faith embarked on a journey to Quor'toth with Angel, Connor, and Willow.[53] While Faith returned to Los Angeles, her squad was attacked by Drusilla and told Nadira they had discovered that Faith had been aiding Angel all along.[54]


Faith and Willow in Quor'toth dimension.

Faith and Angel got in Peru the Crown of Coils, a magical item with regenerating properties. Upon their return to London, Faith found Giles' burial place was empty. Soon, Nadira and her Slayers showed up to Faith's home and, after accusing her of lying to them, demanded Angel also resurrect Marianne, who had been killed by Drusilla. However, Angel explained Giles's resurrection could only be possible because his life had been intertwined with magic.[55] The Slayers turn their backs on Faith, and she told Angel that, after his plan with Giles, she was done. They found Ethan Rayne was listed in the guest book for Giles's funeral, and Angel figured out Eyghon had possessed Ethan and then possessed Giles.[56]


Faith and the London slayer squad.

Faith, along with Angel, came across Nadira and her Slayers struggling to fight off zombified Slayers and Eyghon. They leapt into battle but "Giles" approached Faith, distracting her and leaving an opening. With the help of Nadira, she regained her senses and escaped with the other slayers while Angel stayed to fight off the zombie of Giles. An injured Eyghon escaped, prompting them all to regroup at Alasdair's; as they escaped, Nadira began to berate Faith for helping Angel again, but Faith quickly silenced her by reminding her of her own reckless actions and that she had endangered herself and the girls by going to Eyghon in the first place. Faith revealed she knew Eyghon's plan because of her brief moment of near possession. She explained that he wanted to re-create the zombie world kingdom without the magic but to do that he had to make a deal with Whistler, Pearl, and Nash. With this information, the Slayers were given double-edged weapons and Spike arrived under Angel's request to help fight Eyghon.[57]

While planing for the confrontation at Alasdair's home, the party was plunged into battle when Eyghon and his zombified Slayers suddenly stormed the building. Eyhgon managed to overcome Spike's demon and possess him, but when he attempted to do the same to Angel, the three spirits within Angel's body made it impossible. Consequently, Giles briefly took control and decapitated Eyghon, killing the demon and instantly ending the battle. Angel collapsed in the wake of the fight, the three spirits within his body fighting for control. Faith denied Nadira's desire to kill Angel, and along with Spike, was forced to postpone their plan to resurrect Giles.[58]

In order to restore Angel to sanity, she and Spike went to retrieve the Essuary — a magical item within which they could store Giles' soul. At Alasdair Coames' instruction, they went to a cemetery, where they dispatched several soul-consuming demons called Enders. As they battled the demons, Spike came dangerously close to having his soul devoured — Faith, empathetic to his fears of becoming soulless again, expressed that he could sit out the battle if he wanted, but Spike chose to help her instead. As they delved into the cavern in search of the Essuary, Spike casually flirted with Faith, who rejected him, stating that she was "nobody's rebound." She then took the opportunity to compare Spike to Angel, much to the former's protests. Faith enforced her observation by mentioning how both of them had fallen in love with Buffy, and subsequently chosen to leave her despite their continued love for her. Spike revealed that he was still in love with Buffy, and Faith, not even the least bit surprised, gave him advice before finally collecting the Essuary. Back at the apartment, Faith and the others performed the ritual to contain Giles' soul in the Essuary. Faith then did a heartfelt speech about her relationship with Giles, admitting that she now wanted him back for herself as well.[59] Just as they were preparing for the ritual, Faith was surprised to receive a call from Buffy on her cell. Buffy explained to her that she needed some help with Dawn, but Faith did not remember Buffy's sister anymore. Angel too expressed a confusion over who Dawn was, and Spike took off to go back to San Francisco to go help Dawn.[60]

Faith and Angel confronted Alasdair for the magical artifacts that would ensure the resurrection a success. She told Angel that bringing just Giles back wouldn't fix everything during Twilight, but he replied that it would be a improvement. As the resurrection incantation was finally reached, Faith and Angel were forced to fight against Whistler, Pearl, and Nash. Managing to buy time as they retreated (having gotten some of Alasdair's artifacts), Giles' body was bathed in magical energy.[60]

As Alasdair requested them to focus their thoughts on Giles only for the ritual spell to work, Faith thought back on her travels with him and the placement of a father figure he had taken for her. Giles appeared alive before them, but, due to the memories of his great-aunts, he had the appearance of a young boy, with the memory and demeanor of adult Giles. She rekindled her close bond with Giles immediately, only for him to be depressed, confused over what he was meant to do now. After finding the exact whereabouts of Whistler thanks to Giles, Faith and the others prepared for the fight.[61]

Faith fought Pearl, somehow managing to briefly distract Whistler from spreading the magic. Nadira arrived on the scene soon after, and took Nash off Angel's hands for her revenge. Faith immediately protested against her involvement in the fight, but Nadira ignored her. Struggling to remove herself from Pearl's grip, Faith was forced to watch as Nash shot Nadira with his laser eye beams, severely burning one side of her face. Nash dropped the dangerous plague ball, which fell on the spectators, mutating them.[62]

Faith ran to retrieve the plague ball of pure magic, but Nash and Pearl attacked her to distract her progress. Suddenly, a half-burned Nadira regained brief consciousness and stabbed Nash in the back. Faith jumped in and killed Nash, managing to get the pure magic ball. She attempted to use the pure magic in attempt to heal Nadira, but Whistler to take it for the release of the magical plague.[63] While Angel fought and stopped Whistler, Faith stood by Nadira. Faith helped tending the mutated citizens and soon deciding to leave Angel and London, realizing that were still some parts of her life she needed to sort out on her own. Considering the idea of joining Kennedy's organization Deepscan, Faith traveled with Giles to the United States.[22]


With Giles having returned to the Scooby Gang and Angel still working in London, Faith attempted to find a place for herself by working with Kennedy's new all-Slayer security organization. However, she began to feel that the job wasn't for her when her first assignment turned out to be to act as bodyguard for Billy Rage, a demon pop star who seduced underage girls; Faith only learned about both after she had accepted the assignment, although Kennedy was unaware of the second. Although Faith began to feel that this new role wasn't for her, she accepted a new assignment from Kennedy when she learned that she was being asked to find the currently-missing Riley Finn.[citation needed]

ANGEL-AND-FAITH-S10-9-VAR-c7874 zpsfb4f48c1

Faith with Deepscan in Suriname.

In Suriname Faith joined Tonia Marsh' unit together with Mai, Nell, and several others. A briefing by Major Billings and Reese Zane informed them that Walt Zane and his crew had gone missing during an expedition to find plants in the South American jungle. Samantha Finn was part of the follow-up squad, but when contact was lost with them as well Riley went after his wife and ended up missing, too. Shortly after Faith's unit arrived in the jungle and started the mission they were attacked by a group of new vampires, who killed Nell and Tonia. As Kennedy had made Faith Tonia's second in command, this meant that Faith had become unit leader.[25] After they rescued Riley and discovered that Walt Zane had been turned into a vampire, Reese staked him and asked Faith to join her as head of security for a new branch of Zane Pharmaceuticals in London to analyze the changes caused by the magic plague.[64]

She subsequently assisted Angel in dealing with the resurrected Winifred Burkle, offering Zane Pharmaceuticals' resources in analyzing Fred and helping Angel contain Illyria when she was awakened by their examination.[65] While Angel went to San Francisco to help Buffy and the gang deal with Archaeus, Faith remained in London to investigate vampire activity at a school, discovering that the cause of the attacks was Drusilla.[66] Faith clashed with Drusilla,[67] and they had a sword fight in which Faith was distracting Drusilla and her vampires so that Angel could rescue Nadira.[68]

San Francisco[]

B12-04-02b The Reckoning

Faith and the Scooby Gang in the Reckoning.

Faith later rejoined the Scoobies in San Francisco in dealing with the government's Safe Zones.[27] In the following year, she fought again by their side against Harth Fray and his demon army,[69] and eventually participated on the Reckoning battle. When Buffy was fated to end up in a hell dimension, forever fighting demons until the end, Faith attempted to volunteer to take her place.[70] After defeating Harth, Faith joined the police academy along with Buffy, in order to become police officers of the supernatural division.[28]


She's like this cleavage-y slut-bomb walking around 'Ooh, check me out, I'm wicked-cool, I'm five-by-five.'
―Willow Rosenberg describes Faith[src]

Unlike her predecessor Kendra, who was Buffy's polar opposite, Faith was, in essence, a mirror image of Buffy, a representation of what Buffy would have been like had her life circumstances been different[35] and vice-versa;[7] whereas Buffy grew up in a loving home surrounded by caring friends and family, Faith was raised by abusive and neglectful parents and suffered from various issues.[citation needed] Faith often suggested that killing gave her a drug-like euphoria, and even suffered from addictive withdrawal symptoms when she was not able to inflict pain. Quitting violence was equated with quitting alcohol.[12] She smoked and displayed signs of promiscuity and an inability to share trust and intimacy with men, being baffled when they attempted to share it with her, and describing herself as "a loser magnet" who attracted kleptomaniacs and slackers.[citation needed] She was later responsible for Xander losing his virginity,[71] and had sex with Buffy's boyfriend Riley without him knowing she had switched bodies with Buffy.[7] However, Angel was eventually able to help her move past this partially, and she was able to share a friend-level of intimacy and trust with him without introducing a sexual element.[citation needed]

In the last stages of her time on the side of evil, Faith displayed hidden degrees of abandonment and unappreciation. Despite all the cruel acts she had done to the Scooby Gang and others, she originally saw herself as the victim. Everyone ignored her and never acknowledged her like Buffy was, prompting jealousy issues and pent-up anger inside her. Her way of acting out was to either try to kill Buffy's loved ones or take it away from her for herself. Eventually, Faith grew out of her habit of "stealing" from Buffy and instead tried her absolute utmost to have her acknowledge her as a friend despite their troubled history.[citation needed]

Faith often had a prominent wild streak to her and enjoyed partying, drinking, and having sex. Faith's shown a frequent preference to flirtatiously dance with men at clubs when she wanted to relax and have fun.[2][2][34][7][15] She could also be careless and irresponsible, which was shown when Faith gave the Potential Slayers alcohol despite most of them being underaged (which Buffy was furious about later).[15] In contrast to Buffy's more serious and tense disposition, Faith treated matters more lightly. She was generally carefree and laid-back, causing her to view Buffy as being "wound too tight.[2][14] Faith revealed she didn't really like being leader, but can be one given the chance. Faith often called some people by the first letter of their first name, like "B" for Buffy. At times Faith showed to be somewhat unlettered, not knowing the definitions of "ingest,"[3] "remuneration,"[2] and "Achilles' heel."[16]

Faith often used the expression "five by five" to mean everything was well. Tara once asked what it even meant, and Willow replied: "See?! That's the thing! No one knows."[6] She had her own personal, unique slang and it was revealed that she had inherited her catchphrase of the word "wicked" from her father.[30]

Faith frequently proved herself to be impulsive. For example, when she and Xander found Giles unconscious, Faith immediately assumed that Angel was responsible despite Xander's reservations.[32] She was also known for her quick, easily irritated nature, something her father described as the "Lehane temper." Faith had deep issues with parental figures, due to being raised by neglectful, alcoholic parents while she was young. Nonetheless, she had a deep yearning for a family. This yearning had caused her to be used by so many people so readily because of her desperation for someone to be there for her, something Faith had bitterly mocked over in a fit of distress and pain.[30] Consequently, she continued to have many trust issues throughout her life and it took her a while for her to truly open up and embrace someone, fearing that she would be betrayed or hurt if she did. Giles had taken note of this during his time with Faith, describing her as showing hostility to those she didn't trust or didn't know but on the one hand, she would display extreme loyalty to those who were close to her and those who cared for her.[55]

In her role as Angel's partner, Faith showed a more cautious and responsible side to herself, recognizing the danger of her old impulsive nature, serving as Angel's sounding board to ensure that he didn't repeat his mistakes as Twilight by taking it upon himself to cross lines that he should have left alone. She developed a more mature aspect than when she was younger, using her knowledge of atonement and the thrill of killing to rehabilitate slayers who needed a purpose in life or in the case of Nadira, stop before going down the path of evil and murder that had almost destroyed her.[72] While she did take up responsibility for her slayers as well as being Angel's anchor to keep him from going too far, she nonetheless still frequently complained about such pressure and very much preferred being the "irresponsible" one she once was.[21][73][54]

Through her maturity, Faith's natural promiscuous tendencies with men began to dull slightly. After drinking together with some guys, Faith realized she didn't sleep with any of them and light-heartedly said she couldn't tell if she maturing or just getting used to being rich.[21] She also displayed higher standards for herself in flings and one-night stands, denying Spike's hit on her since she didn't want to be reduced to a rebound. Soon after, when he mentioned she wasn't as fun as she was before, Faith somewhat sarcastically responded with "Turns out I matured."[59]

However, it was revealed that she still carried a surprising degree of self-loathing over herself and that some part of her believed that she deserved every bad thing that had happened to her still despite her time in prison and efforts to atone. Faith had usually hidden and repressed it with a casual, almost carefree demeanor. After the return of her father and when she had impulsively cut off a man's arm without thinking, Faith suffered a severe lapse in judgment. Overcome with unworthiness, guilt, and a belief that she would never be anything but a murderer, she in a moment of weakness went to Drusilla to remove her pain. Angel had eventually made her come to her senses and restore her determination to live through the pain, telling her that he admired her strength at coping with her past.[51]


Faith promo

Faith in 2000.

Faith was a young woman with dark brown hair and eyes, standing at 5'5 tall. Her hair was either in loose ringlets or flat. Prior to her reformation, Faith's look typically involved namely leather jeans and jackets and tight tops, often in dark clothes. Her makeup was often dark and had red or maroon lipstick, and she would wear accessories ranging from chain necklaces and chokers to belted bracelets and studded belts. During her coma, her hair grew longer and became noticeably wavy and lighter. After reforming, Faith's appearance changed: she took to wearing more color and her makeup became lighter.[citation needed]

Notably, Faith possessed a tattoo on her right arm.[citation needed]

Powers and abilities[]

Well, when I'm fighting, it’s like the whole world goes away and I only know one thing: that I'm gonna win and they're gonna lose. I like that feeling.

Faith was a Slayer, and thus had the usual powers of such, including a healing factor and superhuman strength, speed, durability, and reflexes.


Faith kicking Gigi 50 feet away.

In her earliest days as a Slayer, Faith employed a more brawler-type fighting style than Buffy, who was more prone to Asian martial arts. Faith tended to be more aggressive and reckless, using her Slayer brute strength rather than speed or agility as Buffy did. Due to their identical powers, Buffy and Faith were evenly matched in their various brawls until Buffy narrowly bested her.[3]

Over time and as she matured and stabilized, Faith developed a more well-rounded fighting style. She showed herself to have equal or superior fighting skills to Angelus and defeated him despite being drugged and pulling her punches during her fight with him. Faith was also able to easily take out Connor. Also while in London mentoring displaced Slayers, Faith was the only one who was able to defeat an enraged Nadira whereas a squad of fully trained Slayers couldn't handle her.[13] Faith had also beaten Buffy and nearly drowned her at one point before she regained her senses and let her go.[42]


In thirteen years as a Slayer, Faith was responsible for at least 78 deaths, including over 44 vampires, 26 demons, 5 humans, 2 zombies, and 1 half-demon.


Before initially coming to Sunnydale, Faith experienced a number of failed relationships with "losers" who destroyed her confidence in men.[32] Although she was sexually aggressive, Faith avoided emotional intimacy.[7]

Romantic and sexual liaisons aside, Faith's most profound relationships were formed with paternal or maternal figures, who she quickly latched onto. The most obvious example of this was the Mayor,[30] although, prior to her alliance with him, Faith fell into similar situations with her Watchers.[2][32] Over the years, she eventually formed a stable relationship with Giles, seeing him as the best father figure she ever had.[59] Faith noted that she had "daddy issues" and craved a father figure and would then place their interests above her own, overriding her morals. Faith however somewhat moved past this, still wanting a father figure but no longer willing to allow herself to place her morals and ethics second.[30]


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Behind the scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Eliza Dushku, Sarah Michelle Gellar ("Who Are You?"), and Whitney Thompson (Season Eight Motion Comic).
  • Faith's surname was unrevealed throughout her run on both Buffy and Angel. Joss Whedon announced in January 2005 that Faith's surname was "Lehane" and this would be used in all future products, starting with Buffy the Vampire Slayer Roleplaying Game. The name appears in its books and is considered to be canonical, having been used in additional material including Buffy Season 8. Whedon explained at the time: "There was this role playing game or something. They said she hadda have a last name for her so I chose Lehane 'cause I wanted something southie, just as you thought."[74]
  • While developing the character, Douglas Petrie took inspiration from Elektra Natchios of Marvel Comics: "For inspiration for Faith, I read Elektra Lives Again about a hundred times. In a different, teen, punkier context, Faith is so much like Elektra."[75]
  • A total of five action figures were made based on Faith: two from the Buffy line, two from Angel, and one Deluxe. Additionally, she had a figurine from Buffy and Angel Figurine Collection Magazine, two Tooned Up maquettes, two Sideshow Collectibles statues, and two Funko Pop!.
  • Faith's signature knife, given to her by the Mayor, is a Gil Hibben 1999 Jackal — the same knife used by Praetor Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis.
  • Buffy and Faith are a very popular femslash pairing; writer Douglas Petrie was well aware of the "lesbian subtext" when writing.[76] Eliza Dushku herself has stated: "I think Faith probably swings both ways, she had a definite thing for Buffy. There were a lot of innuendos, there was a lot of heat there."[77]
  • Eliza Dushku has no tattoo on her right arm, the one sported by Faith (a tribal design) is just painted. The tattoo was spoofed in the movie Bring It On, in which Dushku's character is told she cannot join the cheerleading team due to the tattoo on her arm. Dushku then wets her fingers and rubs out the tattoo, showing it to be fake.



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