Exorcism was a ritual used to expel a demon or ghostly spirit which had possessed a human or dwelling. This type of ritual was extremely dangerous for both the performer and the victim of the possession, sometimes resulting in the death of either individuals.

A common exorcism is the use of a Catholic spell[1], pronouncing the Latin words "Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus" (We exorcise you, every impure spirit)[1][2][3].

Known Cases

  • In 1999, Angel and Doyle attempted to exorcise the ghost of Maude Pearson, in order to stop the constant murders of the young women that lived in Pearson's former apartment. However, Mrs. Pearson's ghost was strong enough to resist the kind of ritual Angel attempted to perform.[6]
  • In 2000, Julie, Graham Miller, and other students were possessed by the apparitions of the Lowell House children's raw emotions abused by the Genevieve Holt, accidentally released by Buffy and Riley while having sex during a party. Tara, Willow, and Giles tried to perform an exorcism in the house and the emotions.[7]
  • In 2000, Angel Investigations came face to face with an Ethros Demon, a powerful possessing demon with a penchant for mass murder, which had taken possession of a boy, Ryan Anderson. Angel Investigations sought the help of Father Fredricks, a known exorcist, only to discover that he had been killed in the process of exorcising another Ethros from a young girl. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce failed in expelling the demon, but Angel succeeded in completing the ritual. Afterwards, the demon took on physical form to recover its lost energy and Angel was able to kill it with an axe.[8]
  • In 2002, some kind of demon invaded the Summers home to stop Dawn Summers from seeing her mother and Dawn performed a spell to exorcise the demon from the house. Dawn succeeded in the exorcism, and given that blood splattered the walls for a second afterwards, may have killed the demon when she exorcised it.[9]
  • While in London, Rupert Giles attempted to exorcise a Plagiarus Demon from the little girl Hannah. Noticing the possession wasn't able due to black magic, but an innate attribute from the demon's species, Giles decided on binding him within Hannah' body, using his own blood and life to channel the spell.[11]
  • While in San Francisco, Rupert Giles, alongside Buffy, Dawn, and Spike, attempts to exorcise the ghost of missing children at a haunted building, only to be attacked by a Hamelin demon, the real cause of the haunting.[2]
  • The psychic Lana Pasternak had strange behavior after a séance, and the S.F.P.D. Supernatural Crime Unit was alerted. According to Rupert Giles, the psychic was presumably inexperienced and tampered with forces she shouldn't have, becoming an easy prey for dark entities from beyond. The entity attacked Xander, Dowling, Anya, and Giles with ectoplasm while he performed the exorcism, almost taking the spirit Anya with it. Nevertheless, it had a successful result, with Lana resuming her consciousness.[3]

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