Spike Comic Issue
Everybody Loves Spike
Spike3 urru
Publication date December 22, 2010
Published by IDW Publishing
Issue # 3
Creative Team
Written by Brian Lynch
Penciller(s) Franco Urru
publication order
"Everybody Loves Spike"
"You Haven't Changed a Bit"

"Everybody Loves Spike" is the third issue of IDW's Spike comic book series. A spin-off from IDW's ongoing Angel series, Spike is written by Brian Lynch with art by Franco Urru.

Plot summary

A flame from the past is haunting Spike's present, and wreaking havoc in Las Vegas, which is already pretty overrun with demons and vampires and your garden variety sins and sinners. But nothing is never that simple when Drusilla is involved, and a new player is about to make things very... difficult for Spike and company.


Writing and Artwork

Bryan Lynch writes and Franco Urru provides the pencils.

Canonical issues

See also: Canon

Brian Lynch's Spike series is considered canon due to Joss Whedon's involvement and the fact that it ties into the "Twilight" and "Last Gleaming" story arcs of Season Eight. Brian Lynch stated on a fan forum:

Yes, it's canon, yes, it matters, and yes, it's the best SPIKE story I've told.[1]

IDW writer and editor Mariah Huehner reiterated this:

"Brian's [Spike] series will be "canon" and lead up to his bug ship story in Season 8. And that's not all. So, fans needn't worry. They're going to get 8 amazing issues of Spike that'll show him as the hero he is.[2]"


  • Set after IDW's ongoing Angel series, leading into Buffy Season Eight

Variant covers


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