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Note: This article is about the Potential Slayer. For other uses, see Eve.

Poor kid. Made it all the way to Sunnydale. Just to get herself killed.

Eve was a Potential Slayer from the southern area of the United States. She died during the First Evil's attempt to destroy the Slayer line, and it assumed Eve's identity to infiltrate the Scooby Gang.[1]


In 2002, Eve traveled to Sunnydale, but her Watcher was killed before he could send word to the Scooby Gang. Eve stayed at the Sunspot Motel, but the Harbingers of Death found her and assassinated her.[1]

The First Evil used Eve's appearance to infiltrate the Summers residence. In her guise, she was the most doubtful about Buffy's ability to protect her and her fellow Potentials and the most pessimistic among the already fearful girls, particularly while Molly described Annabelle's demise.[1]

Eve real

The real Eve is found dead.

Two days after Eve's death, a particularly powerful seer in the Devon coven sent word to the Scooby Gang about her presence in Sunnydale. Buffy and Xander found Eve's body on the floor of the motel room, and they realized the Eve they knew had been the First Evil instead.[1] She was seventeen years old at the time.[2]

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